Monday, March 17, 2008

New Mexico - Another FUN weekend!

On Thursday evening we decided that the last weekend was so much fun that we ought to plan another fun trip for the upcoming weekend. Eric did all the research and decided we'd drive down to Los Alamos, NM and spend the weekend there. Of course it was another amazing trip!

I must let everyone know that there is nobody more suited for me than my husband Eric. Everyone that knows me would know this to be true. I won't go into details, because then you'd have a novel to read, so simply put, Eric is completely PERFECT for me!!! We have too much fun together!!

This trip was full of exploration. The greatest thing about these trips is that we have no set agenda. We stopped at all kinds of places on our way to New Mexico and a bunch of other places on our way home. Instead of boring you with my non-exciting way of writing, I'll just add some pictures from our trip.

Cool ladders leading up to some Indian ruins - breathtaking, literally and figuratively

I had to add this one. Eric's face is priceless!

Chimney Rock- and yes, my arm looks disgusting :)

This is why you don't consume alcohol while on the road :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

We had the BEST weekend/I LOVE how spontaneous my husband is!!!

First off, I love spontaneity and my husband is the king of this word. Our original plans for this weekend were to go dirt biking with my family at the sand dunes on Saturday, weather took a turn for the worse so the plans were canceled Friday evening. We were both bummed, but Eric was definitely more bummed than I. Eric went up to bed, upset that our plans were canceled. I soon went upstairs and thought he was asleep so I quietly got into bed and tried to make myself sleepy. After a bit of tossing and turning on my part, Eric sat up and said, "You wanna do something?" I didn't know what he had in mind but said, "Sure." He said, "Are you positive? Are you in?" Knowing Eric is always full of good ideas, I trusted my instincts and said that I was in. He said, "K, your job is to pack a suitcase of clothes for us. Pack a couple of everything." I hurried and packed while he went downstairs and made some phone calls.

It felt like Christmas Eve, I was so excited for this mystery trip Eric had in mind. I love surprises!!! So after packing up really quick, we got in the Subi and started our journey. Eric wouldn't tell me where we were going but he did tell me that the only thing that was planned was where we were going to have breakfast, but whatever we did from there was up in the air. Well, after a night's drive, we showed up in Vegas at about 5 am. We went to Eric's sister Kristen's house and spent the night, (which was like two hours). When we woke up we got to hang out with Kristen, her husband Bryan, and our cute nieces Lily and Elyse. Bryan made us a delicious breakfast, and we all enjoyed visiting.

At around 10, Eric and I got back in the car and drove to Newport Beach. Our friend Jeremiah was there on a business trip so we met up with him, cruised around in his convertible and just had tons of fun!!! On Saturday evening we rented beach cruisers and rode from Newport Beach to Huntington Beach and back. It was gorgeous, we got to see the sunset, and it was very enjoyable. After our ride was over we went first to a Corndog place and got hand dipped corndogs (our appetizer) and then to Crab Cooker and got really tasty seafood (the main course). We went back to our hotel right after dinner and crashed, we were so worn out.

Sunday morning we woke up and found out that since the time had changed we had like nine minutes to be checked out of our hotel. We hurried and packed up and got out just in time :) After checking out of the hotel, we met up with Jeremiah and went to Huntington Beach. We ate breakfast at a little place called The Sugar Shack, went to a car show with all these sweet old school beach cars, and then laid out on the beach for a bit. We actually got some sun!!! Hallelujah we finally don't look like snowmen.

Outside the Temple on our way to the Beach

We left to go home around 3 pm. It was a good ride home, lots of treats and drinks to keep us awake, and lots of time to talk. When we were stopped at a gas station in Mesquite, Eric called our friend Taylor Warburton and found out he was only 20 miles away from Mesquite, because he was on his way home from Vegas, so we waited for him and we drove together the rest of the way home, kinda fun :)

We got home around 4 this morning, so pretty sure I'm tired, and I'm thinking Eric probably is too :) It was so worth it though. Such an amazing weekend!!! 75 degree sunny weather, with my best friend...Pure Bliss!! Man I'm so glad that Eric is full of good ideas! I wonder what's in store for next weekend.... ;)