Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snowbird 2010

Each year we get to go up to Snowbird for a fun filled day for my mom's work. This year was a lot of fun with Reese being old enough to enjoy everything.

The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun spending time with my family.
I feel so blessed to have such a fantastic family!

Reese had so much fun on the toys this year. Chelsea took Reese on the slide and was so cute making sure none of the other kids trampled Reese while she made her way up the ladder to the top of the slide. It was so funny to watch Reese go down the slide, she'd just start running as fast as she could down the slide and eventually fall over and slide the rest of the way down. She was in HEAVEN!!

She also LOVED the bounce house!

Reese is at such a fun age. Sometimes I miss the time when she would be happy just being carried around in a front pack all day - because let's face it, that is a whole lot less work, but it is fun seeing her experience the world. I can't believe how much she is growing up!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monkey Child

Leave her for one second and she's into something :) I love the little busy body!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I love taking Reese to the Gateway to play in the fountains. Eric and I took her a week or two ago and enjoyed the time cooling off and watching Reese enjoy herself so much. There are so many fun things to do in Salt Lake. Afterward we went to Liberty Park and walked over to a big crowd of people. It ended up being a "hippie" gathering with people playing drums, dancing like lamanites (or at least me and Eric picture them that way), and smoking who knows what. We stayed in the "family friendly" zone and Reese ate cheetos with and played on bikes of this cute little hispanic family sitting in front of us. They saw her struggling out of our arms trying to make her way over to their toys so they invited her over and were so friendly to her!

Reese is little miss independent so she kept running to the farside away from us to play. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this because pretty sure it won't be so easy chasing her down with a baby in tow. Lately I've been "allowing" her to run from me and then just watching her to see what she does. For the most part she eventually makes her way back to me, but sometimes she just keeps on going and I know she'd get lost if I hadn't been watching her. It scares me having her be so independent. I'm uber paranoid about someone kidnapping her or her making her way out the doors of a store or something. WORST NIGHTMARES!!

Bear Lake 2010

Ever since my dad was young, his family has had a tradition of going to Bear Lake in the Summer. The group that attends varies slightly but mainly consists of my Grandpa, 4 or 5 of his best friends, and all of their posterity/inlaws/etc. It ends up being a really big and fun group.

This year I was sad we were only going to be able to stay Friday - Sunday. I should've been happy with that because our trip was shortened by my getting sick. I'm prone to bladder infections and sadly got one on Saturday. If you've ever had one you know there is no relief and they get worse and more painful by the minute. I intended to take my camera down to the beach our second day but we had to get home so I could get my antibiotic, so I stole some pictures from friends' blogs/facebooks.

All the little kids adore Eric. He has that personality that just draws people to him, and these little sweet Moffatt girls got him to build sandcastles, paddle boat, and take them on rides on the wave runner.

Reese was in heaven all day! She didn't have a nap but just played and played and played in the water and sand.

I'm sad that Bear Lake was so short but we did have a lot of fun. I'm glad I went home (not like staying was an option) because the infection traveled into my right kidney and I began having crazy braxton hicks/borderline contractions and I thought I was going to die Saturday night. I was so scared because infections that travel to your kidneys can cause premature labor - NOT what I want. Thanks to a husband who is a worthy priesthood holder, and a loving Heavenly Father who allows worthy priesthood holders to pronounce his blessings, we were able to have a neat experience and I was finally able to find relief and get some sleep.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I don't quite know what Reese thinks of the whole "baby in my belly" thing. When I ask her where her baby brother is she points to my belly. She'll also give my belly kisses when I tell her to give the baby a kiss. However, despite all my efforts I think she is going to be quite surprised when we bring home a baby in November.

I have such mixed feelings about having a second child. Part of me is sad because I of the unknown of splitting my time between two kids but then another part of me of course is excited and happy to have another sweet little angel. I get nervous thinking of my inadequacies. Can I really be a good mom with 2 kids? But when I remember my savior then I know I can do it if I trust him. He will make up for my inabilities and help me have the strength, energy, and love for any kids he trusts me with. He'll show me and Eric how to raise them.

Lately, whenever I see a newborn I get more and more excited to have such a precious baby again. Newborns are just so precious! My sister's friend gave me a garbage bag full of baby boy clothes, my goal this evening is to go through them and then write out of list of things I still need to get. It is kind of hard though because what sizes do I get? I have no idea how big or small he is going to be. Maybe I'll just make the list, get the basics, and save the rest of the shopping for after he is born (when it will be that much harder to go shopping :)).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Antelope Island 2010

Last weekend we went to Antelope Island to camp. We had fun there the last time we went (and I was pregnant with Reese) so we decided it'd be a fun place to go again (this time pregnant with baby boy) - maybe we'll make a tradition of it :)

First off we drove to see all the buffalo. They were really close to the road and there were TONS of them. They were cool to watch, I can't believe how HUGE some of them are.

We then drove to our camping spot and found that it was occupied by an older couple sipping wine watching the sunset. We visited with them for a few minutes and then enjoyed the sunset ourselves - minus the wine.

One thing I had forgotten about Antelope Island is its immense population of spiders. They are HUGE spiders and come in every shape and color. We read the sign about them - they are orb spiders (meaning they spin spiral webs)but aren't poisonous and won't bite...unless provoked. I HATE spiders, but luckily these ones leave you alone, you just have to watch your every move so you don't run into one of their massive webs (which are pretty much everywhere).

Look at all those spiders hanging from the gazebo. There are signs saying to stay on the road/trails. They don't even need those signs, the spiders do the job of keeping you from wanting to wander anywhere but open spaces where they haven't spun webs.

After a restful night of sleep we had some granola bars and capri suns and then headed down to the beach. Reese loved playing in the sand but wasn't too fond of the water except when we were holding her. I guess having sand between your toes while walking unsteadily and being swarmed by brine shrimp isn't Reese's idea of enjoyable time in the water?

Reese is a dirt/sand/rock LOVER. She'd play with these elements all day long if allowed. On our way back she licked her hands and started giggling/smiling and then repeatedly licked them. I licked mine to see what was so exciting and found that it was the saltiness she was enjoying so much.

My hunk of a husband carried Reese on the way back from the beach. I was ever so grateful for him and his muscles because I was sweating like a pig trying to make it back through the sand in the sun. If I were alone we would've taken 15 minute breaks every 2 minutes - because although that girl is little, I'm already overloaded with weight I'm not used to and she just adds an extra 20:)

We played following the leader and sang the "We're following the leader, the leader, the leader..." song from Peter Pan. Reese thought it was fun for a couple of minutes....

But then those little legs just gave out! It's just so hard having short legs :)

Here is a picture of our campspot, for memory's sake. I always love camping with my little crew. This weekend - Bearlake, posts to come...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last of the days at my parents

Eric and I are quick to act when we make a decision. We knew we were going to need to find a place before September but 1/2 way through July decided that we should look for a place to move by the beginning of August before all the students come back for fall and before I'm more pregnant (and less able to help lift things) and he is in school and working full time (meaning I'd be pretty much in charge of the move). The day we decided, we looked for places on line and then drove up to SLC to look at them. Well, the first one we looked at ended up being "the one". We got everything signed, the utilities switched over to our names and then moved everything in. It has been a whirlwind of constant moving, finding furniture, painting furniture, decorating, organizing, etc and we still aren't done. The last week definitely has been fulfilling as we've gotten everything (other than the few things we forgot) moved in, got the place furnished, got flooring taken care of, and most things organized into place. There is still a lot to do, all the nitty gritty details, but it's a lot of fun now.

We love the area, the yard, the close vicinity to any store you can think of (more on that later)but I am definitely missing the constant friends (my family)the dirt pit and pond for Reese to play in, the naked summer days (Reese, not me) in a fairly secluded backyard, and only making dinner 2 or 3 times a week :)

Camla celebrated her 14th birthday the last week we were living with them. Can I just say my dad is such a good dad. My mom was out of town for work (she was devastated about missing Camla's birthday) but my dad filled in perfectly. He made sure her day was full of fun and then took her camping/fishing/kayaking just the two of them. He's such a gem of a father!

Camla is one of my very best friends. You wouldn't know we were 10 years apart by the way we can chat it up and hang out. She is extremely thoughtful and is always concerned more with how other people are feeling than her own feelings, definitely WAY more selfless than I ever would have thought of being at her age. She loves on her nieces and nephew like there is no tomorrow and is such a good person. She gives me hope that even though my kids will be growing up in a world where sin is so acceptable, they can still be faithful and righteous people and rise above the filth.