Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

We're up on Vancouver Island right now, spending time with Eric's family, but I had to get on blogger really quick to let the world know that we are having a little girl. We are SO excited!!! The 20 week ultrasound is awesome, we got to watch our little babe for like 40 minutes, which was very fun! I'll post some pics of the ultrasound so you can see how cute her little profile is and how awesome her biceps are already!! Now everything seems more real. When I feel her moving around I can actually picture her as this cute little baby moving around inside me, instead of a seahorse looking thing...and now comes the SHOPPING and picking out a name :) Girls are so fun to shop for!! EXCITING!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Chelsea :)

Our cute niece Chelsea had her 3rd birthday yesterday. It was a princess party, because she is definitely a princess and LOVES the Disney princesses. Eric and I gave her a box of chalk, and it was a HIT. When I bought it I'd know she'd like it once she knew how to use it, but I didn't realize that she'd know how to use it as soon as she got it. Right after she opened it, she didn't want to open any more presents, but just wanted to go outside and play with her chalk. It's nice to give a gift that is really liked :)
We love Chelsea! I always get SO EXCITED to see her! She has the FUNNIEST personality ever! She is very much her own little person!

I told Chelsea I wanted to take a picture of her and her princesses. She sat down, closed her eyes and said, "cheeseburger" HA HA HA

Little Eli enjoying the party

The favorite aunt - my beautiful sister Camla

Monday, August 25, 2008

I don't know why...

...we haven't gone camping every single night this summer! Friday night we decided we'd drive up the hill to where we go snowmobiling and camp there. We left at night time so it was dark when we arrived at the spot we love snowmobiling to. When we woke up, we were AMAZED at the BEAUTY!! WOW!!
I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Pretty sure we need to take advantage of the good weather and take some more camping "trips".
At night we could hear some sheep baaing like CRAZY!!! Then in the morning we looked over and no wonder we could hear them so well. Each of those little whitish specks are sheep. I'd be baaing a lot too if I had to climb down a steep hill like that!

I Heart Novell

My team at Novell did really good this last quarter, so as our celebration activity, they put us and our spouses up in the Mountainside Marriot Hotel in Park City.
They took us out to dinner at The Mustang, and it was DE-Licious. After dinner, Eric and I enjoyed playing pass with a volleyball in the many hot tubs the Mountainside has.

My team at Novell is AWESOME!! I definitely couldn't work with better people. They are all fabulous and we get along SO well. Megan isn't on my actual team that is in charge of audits, so sadly she wasn't at the activity, but I must still give a shout out to her. We work together on the same accounts, I handle the audits and she brings in the renewals. I LOVE Megan, and am so glad we are paired together on accounts, because working with her is actually FUN! If she ever gets taken away from me, my productivity will go down the drain ;)

20 weeks

Or 5 months, for Eric and anyone else that hates calculating pregnancy in weeks.

The Evening Belly (I like it better than the morning one)

I hit the 1/2 way mark last Thursday. Does it bug anyone else that how pregnancy is calculated these days really makes it 10 months, not 9? What the!!! Also, don't you love how depending on what time of the day, your belly changes sizes! Morning - posture is good, I still have the energy to tighten my abs, not tons of food in the belly yet = small baby belly. Evening- bad posture, don't care to hold in the abs, eaten three meals + lots of snacks = BIG belly!

"The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination."

A close up of the dirty workers :)

Eric was very determined to make us a log entry way. I really wanted a log entry way, but had no idea how it would ever happen. Eric worked many long hours cutting down the logs, de-barking them, and getting the holes dug for the logs. This weekend he got the logs stood up in the holes, filled the holes with cement, and did all the hard work of getting the top log on top of the vertical logs. Thanks brother Dan and cousin Ben for all your help, because of them I was able to waterproof my decks and not be part of the scary and HARD process of the log project. That job took a TON of time and muscles. Let me tell you , Eric is a GENIUS, thinking up how he could make what seemed impossible to me, possible. Thanks Eric!!

Getting the second log into place (notice the cool support system Eric thought up on the log that is already standing - long boards nailed into the log post and then secured to the ground with rebar.)

The almost final product
(all we need to do is seal them and add the metal work)

I should have taken pics of the process of lifting the log onto the top. Eric and Dan lifted the log up as they climbed ladders and Ben held onto a chain and tow rope connected to the log to hold the log in place when Eric and Dan would need to climb up higher on the ladders to start lifting again. I was tired just watching them!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

David needed practice before slaying Goliath

Laugh HARD!! It's good for you :) This is Eric's first time trying to shoot a rock at the shed ahead, from this sling.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, it is about time that I blog about our amazing trip to Havasupai. We went July 24-28. The crew consisted of: Me, Eric, My dad, brother Don, practically brother Will, sister Camla, Eric's Dad, Eric's sis Amber, Eric's bros Daniel & Jared, our nephew Chase, cousin Cami, and Ambers two friends. VERY fun group!!

In case you aren't aware with the Havasupai experience, here is a small overview. It is a back packing trip on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. You typically start hiking around 3 or 4 in the morning so that you don't have to hike in the sun. You hike 2 miles down switch backs and then 6 miles through the canyon to the little Indian reservation "Supai" where you check in and pay for your stay. Then you hike 2 more miles, this time through sand (BLAH), to the campground. The whole time you are down there you hike a TON to different water falls, caves, and such, and just play a ton. It really is a tiring but totally worth it trip! When you hike out, you leave in the evening when the sun in close to setting. The first 8 miles aren't horrible, but are still totally tiring and totally wear you out for the 2 miles of switchbacks, this time UP hill, at the end of the hike. When you finally finish the hike, you wonder why you do it time and again, and then a couple months later you realize why...because it is AMAZING and no other experience is quite like it.

Here are some pics.

Eric and I on the hike down - let me tell you, the waist strap is not so comfy on a prego belly

Camla - a total trooper, she rocked it out!!

Will, Don, Cami, and Dan

Our campsite - me napping

Amber's friend, Amber, and Dad

Will, Don, and Cami

Hiking to Beaver Falls

The helicopters flying the porta-potties out for cleaning

The WAY cool hike down to Mooney falls

Eric at Mooney

Don & Will

Pretty River


Eric and Jared being completely crazy - they hooked ropes to this old medal ladder that goes up to a mine and then climbed to the top. Each of the rungs were like 5 feet apart. Thankfully, there were no accidents or slips!!

Another perspective

Cam, Me, and Don

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So...I sent Eric the following email. (I realize such a jogging stroller doesn't exist, but I would like one that meets the maximum amount of these qualities as possible. My good friend Kristie pointed out that she was the same way when she was pregnant, and then I realized, I'm being totally crazy, wanting all of these things and even caring at all on certain qualities.)

My email to Eric:


In case you decide to look for jogging strollers, these are things I really want:

20+” Wheels – best for high speeds, rugged terrain, etc (can go down to 16”)

Alloy hubs – don't rust and are stronger

Fixed + swivel front wheel

five point harness for the baby


Padded Seat that lays down – baby can sleep

Shocks (if not increasing price a TON)

Arm Leash/Wrist teather

Easy fold up

One that fits in the Subaru trunk

Welded Aluminum Frame – lighter and more durable

Handle Bar should be at the height that when you hold the bar with elbows bent, your forearms are parallel to the floor.

Check weight limit – you want it to be able to hold the child, plus their diaper bag, water, etc...

Infant Car seat adapter

Anyway, I LOVE you!!


Eric's reply to me:

Nakita my love,

I also want 20" wheels on my car if the baby gets them, I mean come on, I wouldn’t mind them for all the same reasons…high speeds, rugged terrain etc....let's be fair.

Yesterday you said you only needed a 3-point harness, now you want 5…You’re making me sweat this purchase, if I don’t get it today I may be forced to get a 10-point harness!

I totally understand the arm leash, I’ve seen you do dishes and other such tasks…I want the baby to live a long and prosperous life J

With all these features and structural requirements, I may need to go to Alfred Beagle (Batman’s Butler) to ever hope to fit it into the trunk of the Subaru.

What if I get one that fits the handle bar arm-wrist-elbow-parallel requirements and we use a baby sitter, or heaven forbid; I choose to push the baby…what kind of medical catastrophe might I or the babysitter encounter?

Lastly, you’ll need to be more specific on the weight stipulations, like how many milliliters of water will you be carrying, and could you please give a close estimate on how many wet wipes will be in the diaper bag; I know you won’t Only be carrying diapers. And also, what if we have a second child that weighs slightly more than our first…will we have to start back at the Super-Stroller drawing board again?

Just needed a little clarification ;)

Love Eric

I am CRYING right now from LAUGHING so hard! Oh I love Eric's hilarity!!... And my insanity!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Good Day

I had a good day on Wednesday.

1. Right after work I met my sister Aubrey at a nail salon in Orem and we got sparkle toes. It is cool, they put a polish on and then sprinkle sparkle dust over the polish and have you put them under a UV light. They do this over and over until you have a thick layer of sparkly stuff. They look pretty in the sun.
2. The long drive home was an enjoyable one. I jammed to the ipod and LOVED the rain!!!
3. I was craving Bajios, but decided to be good and not buy the wonderful Chicken Green Chili Stuffed Quesadillas, but rather try to make my own. Not at all the same, but DELICIOUS none the less.
4. Eric and I worked out that evening! Felt good running for the first time in at least three months, maybe four...YIKES!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bear Lake

I haven't been a very good picture taker the last couple of trips I've gone on. Two weekends ago we hiked Havasupai, but I still haven't posted about that because I need to get some pictures from my little sister's camera. I did take a few on our trip last weekend, so here's what I've got.

Last weekend we went to Bear Lake. We go annually for a Messick family reunion, this year the group was SUPER small. We had FUN none the less. We had a lot of fun playing with my family and also seeing cousins and friends, such as Brad and Shanda Roberts and all the Roberts. I swam, laid out, and hung out with the family a lot. Eric got to go Scuba Diving (sorry no pics) and golfing with the boys. We both enjoyed dirtbiking on the beach. Thanks mom and dad for letting us eat so much of your food :)

Sweet Chelsea hanging out in the little girls' tent

Eli, Don, Chelsea, Me, and Eric at the Raspberry Days Rodeo

Cute Cousin Annie just chilling in the tubes
Will & Don
Dirtbiking on the Beach