Friday, May 22, 2009

Ghost Town

While in St. George Eric took us all on an adventure to a Ghost Town called Grafton. It was a beautiful place!

No it is not the 80's - near the beginning of our trek we had to hike our shorts up to cross the deepish river. Sadly I wore tight jean shorts that I couldn't get to roll up very high and Krista wore jean capris, so we both had to walk around all soggy bottomed. By the way, Krista was a sport and a half, she did all this 7 months pregnant and I didn't hear any complaints. I take a lot of pics of Eric with Reese - but come on, is there anything more precious than a dad with his child?? I think not!
Family photo
Mmmm.... Mmmm... Gooood
Are these not the most beautiful kids ever? These are our friend Laura's kids and they are so fun!
The whole gang - Adam, Laura, Alaina, Jeremiah, Eric, Reese, Nakita, Kent, Corbin, Indy, Krista, Rachel, and Micah. The two couples in the middle are married, the two on the outskirts should be :) Yes I'm saying that!
Momma and Baby - oh Reese's sweet face is precious!

Micah's house

Micah bought a house in St. George so we went there last weekend to help him clean a bit and to have a whole lot of fun. One night 3 of the 4 boys were playing on their phones while laying on the ground. It looked like they were all having tummy time - remember that I'm a mother of a 4 month old and we are FOCUSED on tummy time right now. Pool Time
The water was FREEZING! What good sports!
Modeling her new swimsuit

Going green

Eric built be a greenhouse! I wanted one real bad - didn't tell him - but he read my mind :) This is the finished structure - now it is all planted (veggies, fruit, and flowers). Now I can actually have a successful garden without the deer eating the plants or the colder climate giving me only 6 weeks that are worthy of plant growing.

Reese helped (a.k.a. slept in the shed, sat in the front pouch while I painted, napped well...)
All framed
Putting up the plastic
Daddy cleaning Reese up after a long day of work (her expression looks like what most people would look like if someone snapped a photo of them bathing - minus the anger)

buh bye

Last week I officially quit my job at Novell. Up until now I had been on maternity leave, but the time had come that I needed to decide whether or not I'd be going back to work. It was a bit scary quitting, knowing that I'd no longer have the option to go back to my job if needed, and extra sad saying good-bye to my amazing boss and co-workers, but it was definitely a good choice.

I have always hoped I could be home with my babies and not have to leave the home for work. Right now I'm blessed with that ability, and I am more grateful for it than I can even describe. Being home with this little peanut means the world to me.


A few weekends ago we camped at Crystal Hot Springs, which is a very fun place. It rained non-stop so I didn't get the camera out to snap pics of our fun swimming experiences in naturally hot pools. I know, bummer right?! ;) On the way home we decided to stop by Spiral Jetty.
Dad and Reese in her puppy dog hat.

Family pic (oh how I should have put my contacts in....)


Monday, May 4, 2009

One year older

Eric had a birthday on April 28th. I was trying to think of something fun to do for him on his birthday to celebrate, but it was on a weekday and he had to work, so last minute I decided we'd have people up for a yummy manicotti (Eric's favorite) dinner. I know, so creative.....HA!
Blowing out the candle on the homemade ice-cream cake.

Some of the party guests

Trynitee, Reese, and Travis

B-Money giving Eric a birthday rap
Thanks everyone for making it a fun evening! Eric, I'm glad you were born. SUPER glad!!

Guess who walked???

That's right! Eric graduated last December from BYU but walked at the April commencement. I'm SO proud of him! And I won't lie....slightly jealous (I think the remaining 13 credits I have at BYU are going to take me much longer than normal to finish.)
Hold your head up high babe, this is a HUGE accomplishment!
Eric's parents and little bro Dan came down from Vancouver Island to help us celebrate!

Our friend's truck a bit stuck at his lot.

We're ALL so proud of you Eric! CONGRATS!!

Come to Zion, Come to Zion

Three weeks ago now (I think), my parents and little sis went to Zion for my sister's spring break. We surprised them and showed up at their trailer door. It was a much needed and extremely FUN getaway. Reese enjoyed her backpack for the most part.
Daddy burping Reese after a good mountain feeding.

Family pic.

Tame elk?? Weird and cool if you ask me.

Unpurposefully I look like I have antlers in this photo.

Reese's first taste of lemon.

Wonderful dad, mom, and Cam.

Papa and Reese

Grandma and Reese

I only said that Reese liked her backpack for the MOST part. Not the whole time.

My family!