Friday, May 22, 2009

Going green

Eric built be a greenhouse! I wanted one real bad - didn't tell him - but he read my mind :) This is the finished structure - now it is all planted (veggies, fruit, and flowers). Now I can actually have a successful garden without the deer eating the plants or the colder climate giving me only 6 weeks that are worthy of plant growing.

Reese helped (a.k.a. slept in the shed, sat in the front pouch while I painted, napped well...)
All framed
Putting up the plastic
Daddy cleaning Reese up after a long day of work (her expression looks like what most people would look like if someone snapped a photo of them bathing - minus the anger)


Daniel said...

that is awesome. nuf said!

Daniel said...

actually dan didn't write that I did (rachel) dan was just signed in my computer and I didn't know! Love the green house and I especially love that it is red.