Friday, May 22, 2009

Ghost Town

While in St. George Eric took us all on an adventure to a Ghost Town called Grafton. It was a beautiful place!

No it is not the 80's - near the beginning of our trek we had to hike our shorts up to cross the deepish river. Sadly I wore tight jean shorts that I couldn't get to roll up very high and Krista wore jean capris, so we both had to walk around all soggy bottomed. By the way, Krista was a sport and a half, she did all this 7 months pregnant and I didn't hear any complaints. I take a lot of pics of Eric with Reese - but come on, is there anything more precious than a dad with his child?? I think not!
Family photo
Mmmm.... Mmmm... Gooood
Are these not the most beautiful kids ever? These are our friend Laura's kids and they are so fun!
The whole gang - Adam, Laura, Alaina, Jeremiah, Eric, Reese, Nakita, Kent, Corbin, Indy, Krista, Rachel, and Micah. The two couples in the middle are married, the two on the outskirts should be :) Yes I'm saying that!
Momma and Baby - oh Reese's sweet face is precious!


Kayla R. said...

darling pics! YOU LOOK SO GOOD!!

The Taylors said...

looks like so much fun! We finally got a baby Bjorn, can't wait to use it.
YOu and REese look so beautiful with your matching flowers haha... so cute. looks like Reese got a little color.