Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekends Weekends are SO fun!

After grabbing some dinner and shakes at Granny's, we drove to Burraston Ponds in Mona to camp and had quite an "enjoyable" night. Eric has had this nasty sinus pressure/cough/ etc thing going on for like a month now. He was supposed to meet our friend Taylor to herd cattle on Saturday morning, which he was VERY excited about, but during the night he had this major pain in his tooth. He wanted to find some pliers so he could rip it out, luckily we didn't have any, so the plan was to take him to the dentist early in the morning.

He called his cousin Aaron, who is a dentist, bright and early to tell him what was going on and see if he could possible pull the tooth for him. Come to find out, the sinus pressure put a lot of pressure on a nerve that leads down near the roots of your teeth, and so it makes it feel like the problem is in your teeth. Now he's on a mix of Ibuprofen and Mucinex, and he still has his tooth :)

Saturday we hung out with my family, went shopping, and then rode motorcycles to Strawberry Days with some friends! Very Fun! We enjoyed the Strawberries and Cream while watching the rodeo.
After the rodeo we visited with our friends in Provo until really late, and we had our camping gear, so we ended up blowing up our air mattress and sleeping in Micah and Jeremiah's yard.

On Sunday evening, we went to Deer Creek to fish. It was fun, nice to enjoy the warm weather, but there were all these dead fish and a dead carcass of a deer in the lake, so it stunk like mad in tons of places. Talk about a gag fest.

The Handsome Fisherman

Girl's Camp

I got to meet up with my Young Women for Girl's Camp on Friday, up at the Heber Valley Camp. It was so much fun! It brought back some VERY good memories.

By the end of our paddle boat ride, we had been SOAKED by the YW and other leaders with oars. Very Fun! Good thing it was a HOT day!

This girl is one of mine and Eric's favorites in the ward! LOVE her!! She is HILARIOUS!!! Gotta love her hardcore fruit tattoos.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Heat makes me HAPPY!!!

I LOVE the heat! Yesterday was my second day this Summer that I felt that I got to enjoy the sun and warmth. After work, I got in my car to meet Eric at our cousin Micah's house. This is what the temperature gauge read, after like 15 minutes of driving. (Meaning that it didn't read this hot just because I'd crawled into a car that had been sitting in the sun for 8 hours).
Eric and Micah worked on Micah's wave runner last night, while I basked in the SUN! I think working inside, and feeling that when I'm not at work I'm at school, makes me enjoy the beauty and heat of the summertime even more than usual! I just looked at the 10 day forecast, and it appears that the heat is here to stay, at least for 10 days.

Tomorrow I go to girls camp, my YW have been at camp all week, but because of finals and work, I only have time to go up tomorrow. I'm glad that it will be hot, and that I don't have to go to work!

After work today I'm taking my two last finals of this term. Then I'll have a few days to rejuvenate before Summer terms starts....Yee-Haw! Tonight, Eric and I will be testing out Micah's wave runner at Utah Lake, I'm pretty dang excited. I hope everyone else is feeling as excited about the amazing HEAt as I am!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hoover - Our Parenthood Preparation

Eric and I got a kitty over the weekend! I didn't think I'd ever have a cat, but a manager at Novell told me they were giving away kittens and Eric and I decided we'd take one. It is super cute! I decided if nothing else, it will help prepare us for parenthood, you know, some responsibility for someone other than yourself. I took it home Friday night. We decided it will be an outdoor cat, so we played with it for an hour outside and then went inside to get ready to go out for dinner. When we went outside after getting ready, the kitty was gone. We felt so bad! Eric said, "I guess you have to bond with it before you just let it be on its own outside and expect it to stick around." As we drove into town, I kept my eyes peeled for the little thing. Sad :( We felt so bad....Oh my goodness we're gonna be horrible parents (though we'd NEVER leave our baby outside by itself!!) Anyway, we got home two hours later and it was back! Whew! What a relief. I thought for sure it wandered off into our forest of a yard and would never find its way back.
Our Kitty Hoover, named after the vacuum that rescued him from a six foot deep crawl space with only a small vent for an entrance.

Saturday we had SO much fun boating and going to the Orem Fest! Oh I LOVE the sun! I'm finally tan!!! Anyway, we left our kitty for like 14 hours and it was still hanging out under our front porch! Sweet! Now I'm not so worried about it getting lost!

Happy Father's Day!!

Dad! You are the greatest! You have taught me so much! You've taught me how to play hard, to work hard, and to be honest and loyal! You have been an example of how every husband should treat his wife, every father his kids, and every Papa his grandkids. You have taught me to love the gospel. You have taught me how to what good music is, how to cast a line, throw a ball, shoot a gun, drive various different things, and the list goes on. Thanks for teaching me to enjoy life, to be daring, and to do my best in all I do. And from Eric - thanks for teaching me how to not complain (too much). Thank you for loving mom SO much, and loving us kids!! Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I LOVE this woman!! I hope I grow up to be just like you mama! Happy Birthday!! Oh...and I REALLY hope I have your aging genes, you're GORGEOUS!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I am not a crafty person! But...I did attempt to be this weekend. I made a few cards, and chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I didn't take a picture of the final product, but I put the cinnamon bears in a cone I made out of cardstock, decorated with a ribbon. I thought they turned out pretty cute :) I'm planning on continuing to be crafty too, I found a mobile I want for my baby's crib, and I'm going to make it. If you go here, you can see the cute alphabet magnets I'll be making one day, probably not until my baby is closer to being born or until he/she is interested in playing with things on the fridge. A girl at work showed me this pattern for a cute rice heat pack, pretty sure I'm gonna make one of those too. Hopefully some of you reading this blog will be able to gain something from this post, like a new crafty idea or something. If anyone has any more crafty ideas, send them my way!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My baby's cuter!!

My widget baby is actually looking cute!! :) I'm in week nine, and I read that my baby is now the size of a GRAPE. Fingers and toes are starting to appear, OH I LOVE BABY FINGERS AND TOES!!! My baby is growing a neck and now has fully formed eyes and ears. Pretty dang AMAZING if you ask me!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ogden Demolition Derby

Over the weekend Eric and I met up with our aunt and uncle, cousins and friends at the demolition derby up in Ogden. We were celebrating the return of our good friend Dallas, who, single ladies....just graduated from law school. It was a RIOT!!! I hadn't ever been to a demolition derby, and I am now a HUGE fan! Not only is the derby itself entertaining, but the people watching is the BEST I've ever experienced!! Oh goodness!

Yes, Aunt Janis looks scared, but she's not. Really, this is just the picture of us all that isn't fuzzy.
The Crew: Uncle Allen, Aunt Janis, Audrey, Rachel, Micah, Rachel, Laura, B-Money, Jeremiah, Us, Brandon, and Dallas

One highlight: We got amazing seats at the derby, right down by the action. They had just wet the dirt so it was all muddy. The cars started going crazy and Jeremiah's darling date started laughing....with her mouth wide open. All of a sudden, her mouth was full of mud. Poor girl, I'm pretty sure that mud wasn't too sanitary, since I'm pretty sure the rodeos take place at the same arena. Anyway, it was pretty dang funny, and she was a really good sport!