Monday, April 18, 2011

A little vacation

Eric had a conference in St. George for school last week, so we took full advantage and made a vacation out of it. We arrived late Saturday evening and decided to hit up Zion after church for a couple leisurely hikes. It was a bit cool, very wet, and we ended up getting our shoes quite muddy, but it was oh so beautiful.
 We did the Weaping Rock hike (more like hop, skip, and a jump) and the Emerald Pools hike. After Emerald Pools we enjoyed a little time at the Lodge. 
We brought Camla along to keep me company while Eric was away and because we all just absolutely adore her and love being with her. It was so fun having her there. We did lots of strolls down Main Street, to Jud's Candy Shop and the water park on Main. Reese LOVED playing in the water ponds/rivers that run through the courtyard area by the tabernacle and city office buildings. I'm sure she was freezing because although sunny, soaked in cold water in 70 degree weather isn't exactly warm; regardless, she wanted to stay all day long! 
On Monday, after the conference, we headed to Red Rock Recreation Area. Eric had found this cool hike on some random person's blog a while back and then saw a picture of the destination on a Utah road map and has been asking around to find out where it is. No one seemed to know. He made a bunch of calls on Monday to all kinds of people, and finally someone said a name that sounded familiar to him, so we jumped in the car and started our fun adventure.
 It was seriously one of the best hikes ever. SUPER pretty, pretty easy hiking, totally family friendly, a little challenge with crossing on the "native footprints" while holding onto a rope, water crossings, and pure beauty!

 Reese loves "Tamla"! And gratefully, Camla loves her too, so didn't mind playing with her most of the trip.
 On the way back we took a little eat/change pit stop for Ivan. He was a happy camper. He is such an easy baby. As long as he's strapped to or being held by someone he is content.
 A little father-son play time.
 Reese was an amazing hiker. She hiked almost the whole trail, and would have had we not put her in the backpack for some of the river crossings and such. When I was little I was hiking at Snow Canyon and my dad said, "wow you are good, you are my little mountain goat." From that point on I hiked even faster and harder than ever before, because I was so proud of myself! Reese acted that same way. We told her she was doing so well and she'd start going faster and climb up steeper rocks, go off the trail and push her way through bushes. It was funny and darling. She'd huff and puff as she showed us what a good hiker she was.
She hiked up to a little cut out in the wall and stood against it. I told her to come back down so we could keep hiking. She said "picture?" That's totally not her usual request, she's camera shy, but obviously was totally proud of her accomplishment :)
The next day we went to Snow Canyon where she hiked pretty much the whole thing on her own again. The weather was gorgeous! The trip was just the right length and full of fun!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April kid update

This happy little guy rolls over! He's been so close for so long, but he's finally succeeded :) First time was 2 days ago. Way to go Ivan man.
Ivan's eyes are dark! I love staring into them! I still don't know what color to call them. They are mostly grey, but if his pupils get really small, the inner portion of his irises are actually a brownish grey. I wonder if they will stay this way or change.?. Eric's dad's eyes are grey, so you never know.
I've had he and Reese sleeping in the same room this week. I think it is starting to work out. At first Reese kept waking him up with her hollers for chocolate milk or just to see a friendly face at her door. I think he is getting used to her noises, because heaven knows that Reese hasn't changed her habitual hollering while she is working on falling asleep.
Some interesting facts about Reese:
- she has an extra tooth. See on the left (her right), there are 2 small teeth next to the big front tooth. According to her dentist, one of those is an extra. I love this little quirk about her. Sadly (maybe fortunately for her) there most likely won't be an extra permanent tooth to take that one's place.
Reese has super long eyelashes. And they are really thick. I envy them!
She is beyond curious about everything. Her new thing is to always ask "huh?" after everything you say. Sometimes I think she just says it for fun, but other times she looks at you really curiously, like she wants you to tell you more about whatever it is. Even the most mundane of phrases gets a "huh?" from her. If you repeat your phrase she'll continue to ask "huh?" but if you go onto explain things more in depth she usually is satisfied and doesn't ask again.
The other day she was playing with one of the neighbor girls and kept asking her "huh?". After about the 20th "huh?" I could tell the neighbor was getting annoyed, so I intervened and changed the subject.
I've been watching KSL like a hawk lately to find Reese a fun play gym or slide. Well I FINALLY scored and got a fun gym WITH a slide for a steal. Sadly the weather has been so windy and pretty cold so she doesn't get to play on it as much as she'd like (which is ALL the time). But come warm weather, we're all going to be LOVING it! She can play while Ivan and I catch some rays :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


There once was a man, who was getting very good at woodworking. He had an idea. He purchased supplies. He sawed and glued and sanded and waited. 
 He built and welded, researched, learned equations, searched all over the land for parts and assembled. He ran electricity and installed lighting.
 His creation began to come together and his daughter approved of his work.
 The assembly was successful.
 He drew, cut, and sanded many more parts.

 He stained, painted, varnished and buffed.
 He cut pieces of leather, punched holes, created attachments.
 His wife and he hoisted the heavy beast up to the living room for his daughter and all the visiting children to enjoy.
And Frisco was born.