Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our latest project....

Eric and I are both working full time and going to school full time...So this was our project at night after work and school when we would get home early enough and on our weekends. I was mostly the errand runner and tool girl, I helped with the varnishing but Eric did all the labor and deserves ALL credit!! Thanks dad who came up one Saturday to work with Eric and get the roofing on. That made it go even quicker and let me have a nice morning off :)

I thought this was going to take FOREVER, but thanks to an ingenious husband who doesn't mess around, but finishes what he starts, we got this baby done FAST! I knew I was marrying one amazing man when I married Eric, but who would have known he was going to have the handyman quality I always wanted in a husband!

Just so you know, the large beams were these big pieces of junkie wood in our yard that Eric and his brother Jared planed down to the right sizes and made look oh so beautiful! Oh, and Eric thought this all up by himself, he drew up plans, figured out what we needed, and did it! Eric, you Rock my world and totally impress me!

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October 25, 2008 - DONE!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

29 Weeks

According to Doc Judd, the amount of weight I've gained is "perfect". I've gained 17 lbs thus far but am a little nervous for the upcoming weeks. I've got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in the last trimester, and as we all know, those holidays are packed full of goodies! I probably need to give myself some sort of guidelines when it comes to eating sweets and baked goods for the rest of my pregnancy.

The doc told me that I need to remember "322-1111". My next appointment is in three weeks, then the next two will be two weeks apart, and the last four will be a week apart. Kinda fun, I can't believe that my baby will be here so soon. Eleven weeks really isn't very long at all. Especially with work, school, working on the house, and getting everything ready for the baby taking up all my time.

I really do love being pregnant. Everything is new and fun and I absolutely love watching my belly bounce all over the place when baby is dancing around. I'm noticing a loss in energy - I swear I could take five naps a day and sleep 12 hours at night. It is hard to pick stuff up off the ground - I have to do sort of a sideways tilt as I crouch down as to not squash my belly with my knees. Carrying laundry baskets is a task and walking up the stairs from lower west campus up onto main campus is KILLER! Too put it nicely, I'm overall just becoming a little less graceful. (Can you say Klutz??) I'm sure I have a lot left to experience during the remainder of this pregnancy but all I've got to say is "BRING IT ON!" (I hope I don't regret that :))

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eli's 1st Birthday

Eli turned one on Friday, so on Saturday we went up to Jeremy's dad's ranch for 4-wheeling, horseback riding, good food, and a lot of fun! Thanks Aubrey and Jeremy!
Eric & Don

Camla & Eli the birthday boy


Cute Cowgirl Camla

Chelsea - I can't get enough of this girl! She is HILARIOUS!

She makes me STOKED to have my own little gal.

Mom & Eric watering the horses

The Hostess- my sis Aubrey

At the pond

I can't believe how beautiful of a day it was!

Mom & Cam

Dad & the Kiddos

Daddy Daughter

Eli's favorite person ever! The grandkids love their "Papa"!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Work Shower

Some sweethearts at work - Emily, Kristie, and Kathy, threw me and four other girls at work a joint baby shower last month! And can I just say it was SO fun! We had good eats, fabulous company, and we all got some VERY fun stuff for our babies! Thank you everyone for making the shower SO fun!
I love that everyone is looking at a different camera. And at the bottom of this pic, you can almost read the ingredients on the Costco cookie box my camera is sitting on.
SUCH a cute display. They sorted everything by person and had them lined up on the table. As you can see, (the boxes on the ground in front of the table), my sweet friend and Sales Rep that I work with at Novell - Megan - totally spoiled me!

I'm probably a total nerd for admitting this, but I figure it is part of the "nesting phase". Last night I got all of my 0-3 months outfits and washed them all so that they will be clean, soft, and smell good for little Ellis when she decides to come. AHHH, I am SO excited!

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

I really enjoyed General Conference this year. This year I was able to concentrate better than normal as I listened to things being said, and I was amazed at the spirit I felt and the things I learned to better myself. There were so many amazing talks but two that stick out to me today are Elder Wirthlin's talk in the Saturday afternoon session and President Monson's talk during the Sunday morning session.

Elder Wirthlin told a hilarious story about when his daughter was set up on a blind date. The "date" came and picked her up, Elder Wirthlin said that the date was quite a bit older than her and he watched them go out to his car. They didn't drive away - instead his daughter came running inside because her "date" was actually a man who was coming to pick up her other sister to babysit for he and his wife! Love IT!!! He said that instead of getting all bent out of shape, his daughter was just able to laugh about it. Elder Wirthlin said something like, "come what may and love it." That is a phrase his mother taught him. He said that no matter what life throws at us we need to learn to laugh and be happy with what is set at our feet. This helped me remember the importance of being optimistic and happy with life. I do LOVE life, I just need to make sure daily that I'm not becoming ungrateful or complaining about things that might seem difficult at the time. God wants our lives to be happy, so we shouldn't work against him and make life seem harder than it really is, rather we should be light-hearted and optimistic about life - let it be happy like it should be.

President Monson's talk on Sunday morning was also AMAZING!! He spoke about how we need to enjoy life NOW, not dwell on the past or the future, but love what we are given now. He said that if we focus on having better tomorrows we'll be left with a pile of empty yesterdays. His talk made me reflect on the deep love I have for Eric and for my family. It made me realize that I need to cherish every moment I have with these people that are so precious to me. It made me realize how I need to show more gratitude and love to Eric all the time and let him know that I love him and appreciate him. I shouldn't put off telling or showing him I love him until later, when I have more time, or whatever else. Rather I need to show and tell him right in the moment!

I thought that the timing of Pres. Monson's talk was perfect for me. He spoke a lot about having children and cherishing your time with them, not getting bent out of shape over messes and what not, but just enjoying your children all the time, because soon enough, they'll be gone and you'll miss them and their messes. My parents are an amazing example of enjoying their children in the moment. Yes, our house wasn't always the tidiest, but we were happy and mom and dad were along side us playing with us and growing a deep relationship with their children that we still have. My parents never made us feel like other things (like housework, their jobs, their schedules, or whatever else) were more important than us kids. I hope to be just like them and enjoy my children in the moment. I hope to not let their messes, the piles of dishes or the loads of laundry stress me out, but rather prioritize and always put my kids before these things that will be gone once my children are grown up. You can get a clean house back, but you can't get childhood back :) Hopefully hearing this counsel before I have my baby will help me get in the mindset of being the kind of person Pres. Monson described. Hopefully I can be better now at always putting Eric and my children before anything else, so they know that they are the most important things to me. Eric sorry you have had about a year now where this realization hadn't quite kicked in, hopefully I'll make it up to you ;)

Conference was amazing and I am so grateful to have learned the things I did!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Masterpiece

Eric completed the logs last weekend! Our entryway looks marvelous!! Here are some pics of the finished product! I love the brackets he made for the logs!!! We are going to hang some cool solar lanterns from the hooks. Good work BABE!!Oh and here is a pic of the chest Jared, Eric's brother, made for us to hold the wood pellets for our pellet stove! We LOVE it Jared! Thanks so much!!!

25 weeks pic

My friend Terra was very faithful in taking pics of her belly every week throughout her pregnancy. I am going to try to be better!

Weekend BBQ

We had some of our Provo friends up last weekend for a BBQ. Micah was definitely the life of the PAR-TAY!! ;)Yep, everyone looks really stoked huh?? J/k, everyone looks not happy at all, but believe me, we did have a good time!!Thanks for the smiles Jeremiah and Laura!


So I don't really like deer anymore, since they have been the reason for much of our money going towards car repairs. But, I do still think it is kind of fun when they hang out in our yard.
At least they take care of the weeding :) This is a pic out our side door.

I have found that deer make really weird grunting type noises. Eric and I were working under our house over the weekend and that is the first time I've heard the deer make noises. It's quite an ugly noise really.This one was actually kind of cute because it is just a "toddler"

Provo River Falls Moto Ride

A couple of weeks ago we went on a motorcycle ride with our friends the Kepsels. It was a bit chilly but BEAUTIFUL!! We were planning on driving to mirror lake, but it kept getting colder and darker so we ended up just going to Provo River Falls. Twas fun! I'm sad that moto rides are coming to an end, with the cold weather setting in.