Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Messick

It was an EXCITING day to finally see Don after 2 years! He was such a good missionary. I'm so proud of him. I'm sure he was sad to say goodbye to Paris France but we sure were ready for him to be home :)

Don was taken back by the pretty teenage girl running at him when he got off the escalator. Camla changed a TON while he was gone!

Don grew a couple inches while he was out! I thought he was done growing at 19. Apparently not.

Eric was at home taking an online timed final. Luckily he finished right as my parents were dropping me off so that he could visit with Don for a second.

The kids have already warmed up to uncle Don! Didn't take long.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Dan got his call! Dan always planned on hiking up Mt. Tzouhalem to open his call, but since he isn't living on the island right now, Eric took us all to Ensign peak. We got up to the top as the sun was starting to set and it was beautiful. I am purely out of shape so it took us longer to get up to the top but I think it increased Dan's excitement having to wait for my slow butt;)

Dan was super giddy. I don't blame him one bit, we were all pretty dang giddy.

He slowly opened it. He showed us that he could see the "you are hereby called..." part of the letter.

Barcelona Spain, reporting to the MTC April 27th, and SO excited!

Reese and Daddy celebrating!

And Dan calling all the anxious family members and friends.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our household

receding hairline - darling curly hair is falling out. crying periods are becoming less and less frequent. amazingly good at staring you in the eyes for long periods of time. chunking out. starting to coo. likes when he finds his thumb. strongest baby I've ever seen - has held his head up well since birth. birthmark that looks like a scar next to his right eye.

growing up. loving on her brother. all of a sudden talking a lot. wearing duct tape around her diaper at naptime and bedtime so she doesn't strip out of it. big helper. singer and dancer. now a night owl. no binky for a week and hasn't had any troubles WHATSOEVER. loving nutrigrain bars and grasshopper cookies. avid brusher of teeth. chocolate milk addict. finally back on the charts - 2% for weight, 14% for height. tempted to open the christmas presents under the tree. FINALLY doesn't refuse to say I love you - I heard her say it twice to Eric tonight...DARLING!

loving her sleepywrap (seen in pic). absolutely adores her husband and kids. SO excited for Christmas. behind on sleep. happy with life. eats way too many treats. finally painted nails red for the holidays. enjoying husband's time off. trying harder to think of dinners ahead of time and grocery shop accordingly, find a way for her house to stay magically clean, and keep Reese's t.v./computer time to under an hour a day.

finished with another semester of school. family man. learning more about wood working. helps his wife out more than ever. his daughter's hero (and wife's for that matter). best kitchen sink cleaner. master fix-it man, you name it and he'll figure it out. wonderful. has the magic touch when it comes to calming a crying baby. enjoys his tools and creating projects to use them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Over the first 1 1/2 weeks or so Eric had to remind me not to leave Ivan lying on the floor or anywhere that isn't his bed/chair/swing, etc because he always almost mistakes him for Reese's doll and is afraid he'll kick him out of the way or something one day. It is true, he does look shockingly similar to a little doll. He is my living doll - oh he is adorable!

Having 2 kids can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when I'm running on little sleep, but MANY times a day I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. It is surreal to think that I am responsible for 2 little angels. I love them like crazy - my love for Ivan, Reese, and Eric has grown a crazy amount. I feel so much more like a family with 2 kids. I'm not sure how to explain it. Maybe it is because now it isn't so easy to do most things by myself, like I would previously insist on doing most of the time. I've had to rely on Eric a ton to fill in where I can't or help one of the kids while I'm helping the other. It's been a cool transition. And it seems like all of us have grown closer, I should've been letting Eric help out more all along ;) Because he is eager to help, but I'm stubborn.

Here is perfection staring me in the face tonight while I was tucking Reese into bed. My little loves.

And as always, Reese insisted she smile big for a picture so she could then look at it on the camera's screen.

She has become SUCH a good sister. Whenever I'm feeding Ivan she grabs all the diaper supplies and brings them to me. She knows the routine. Ivan's crying doesn't seem to be scaring Reese anymore. Instead of running the other direction she goes to him and tries to fix the problem.


Reese was going stir crazy when she was sick. Luckily she has an uncle who loves her and took her out to play in the freshly fallen snow.

She got a little upset that she couldn't walk in the deep snow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I think....

- That Reese may finally be kicking this week long flu bug! No throwing up since Tuesday night and her energy and spunk seems to be coming back. Hallelujah! She'll be so excited to be able to have some chocolate milk in another day or so (gotta make sure her tummy is ready for it).

- That Micah and Rachel were reading our thoughts when they chopped us down a Christmas Tree the other day. My family usually goes and gets Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving, but due to my having had a baby and my dad having had hip surgery things didn't happen like normal. I LOVE the smell of the freshly cut and festively decorated Christmas Tree sitting in our living room!

- Reese is starting to get used to Ivan. She likes to touch his belly and head, give him his blanket, help change him, she gets concerned when he is sad, and she likes to help put his binky in his mouth, but I think she isn't quite sure about not being the only child. Yesterday I caught her looking sternly at him and stomping her foot a little too close to his head. I'll tack it up with the fact that at that point she was also still feeling really crappy. I'm thinking that with better health, her love for Ivan will also become better.

- That today isn't going to be too happy for Ivan. He's getting the manly snippity snip done. Do they numb him? I hope so.

- I need to make a list of to-do's through December so we don't miss out on all the festivities and spirit of this season.

Oh and guess what?? My brother gets home from his mission in exactly 2 weeks from today. I CANNOT WAIT! He hasn't even met Reese and he is a total favorite of all kids. She is going to love her uncle Don!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A major slow down

Life sure has slowed down around here. The snow sure slowed things down, as well as a newborn,
a little girl with the flu,

and a mama who hasn't been feeling the best. Unfortunately I caught an infection, but with the help of some heavy antibiotics I should be able to kick it without much else.

Even though the huge amounts of homework have resumed since the Thanksgiving break, Eric has been such a huge help! I can't imagine being a single mom - I'd go crazy I'm pretty sure.

Now a funny. The week before Ivan was born I left Reese with Eric while I went to my midwife appointment. It was pretty early in the morning so Eric said to just shut Reese in the bedroom with him so he could keep an eye on her from bed. I was gone for 15 minutes tops. When I came home I opened the bedroom door and startled Eric from his sleep by saying "Oh my gosh" when I looked at Reese and found she had plastered her head in lotion. We sure had a good laugh. He said that he had built Reese a "cave" in the bed covers that she was crawling in and out of but she then became quiet enough to allow him to drift back to sleep, at which time she had found the bottle of lotion :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 19 is my dad’s birthday. All throughout my pregnancy my dad said he’d love for the baby to be born on his birthday. I thought, “oh gosh I better have had him before then.” Well November 19 rolled around and I was still pregnant so I thought “ok, please let me have him today!!” We went down to Provo in the afternoon to hang out with my family and do birthday stuff. I felt crampy and was having Braxton hicks as always, but no more than normal. All day I was waiting for that first contraction but alas, nothing. We headed home after the birthday festivities were over. I was slightly depressed since I hadn’t gone into labor like I’d hoped. At about quarter to 11 I decided I’d go to bed since I wasn’t in a great mood and was quite tired. While lying in bed I flipped over to my other side and heard a little pop, water started leaking out. I though “ok, so did I just wet the bed or did my water break?” I stood up and a whole lot more water came draining out, I then knew it was my water that had broken! I was ecstatic! That was how I was hoping it’d happen because labor almost always starts within 24 hours of your water breaking. I told Eric the good news and then called my midwife.

My midwife, Angela, is an apprentice midwife and so she told me that she needed to call the main midwife to update her on my status and would call me back but told me to try to get some sleep in the meantime before contractions started. She wanted me to again call her once contractions started or call in the morning (if nothing had started) and they’d have me come into the office and try to get things moving along. About 15 minutes later, Angela called me back to tell me that the midwife agreed with what she told me, to get some sleep, but contractions had already started, so I updated her on that. After I got off the phone Eric gave me a blessing through which I received a lot of comfort and reassurance. I knew I wasn’t alone in doing this and that everything would go as it should.

At about 11:30 contractions were about a minute long and coming every 5 minutes. I let that go on for an hour and then called Angela. She asked me some questions:
- Can you walk or talk through contractions? No, I have to lie down or lean on my birthing ball and it takes all my concentration to try to relax through them so I can’t talk.
- Where is the pressure located? Throughout my pelvis and a lot in my back.

She told me that it sounded like I needed to come into the birthing center. I got our bags and stuff together and we headed to Provo to drop Reese off at my parents. I had heard that many times contractions will stop while traveling because of the anxiety but mine just kept coming. By the time we got to my parents’ house contractions were every 3 minutes, lasting closer to 80 seconds. Things were going a lot faster than I had expected. I tried to tune out everything around me during contractions. I would fasten my chin to my right shoulder and concentrate on letting the pressure do the work of dilating my cervix and try not to fight against it.

After dropping Reese off at my parents we got to the birthing center. This was around probably 2:30 or 3, I don’t remember. After getting things situated and having my vitals taken, the midwives (Angela, the apprentice, and Trinette, the main midwife) asked if I wanted to be checked for dilation now or later. I told them I’d wait a little while because I was afraid that I’d be checked and that no dilation would be found and I’d be discouraged. I was now having contractions every 2 ½ minutes. At 3:40 I asked if they’d check me because I wasn’t going to want them checking me once contractions were any closer together. I was at a 6. Whew! The contractions WERE working!

I labored in the bed for another 15 minutes or so and then asked if I could get in the tub. They filled the tub, I got into my swim suit, and hopped on in. In all reality, it didn’t do for me what I thought it would. I had heard that it was a natural “epidural” but no pain was lessened by getting in the tub. The advantages were:
- When the water was running the noise would help me relax a little (now that I think back I maybe should’ve turned on the jets to keep the relaxing noise.)
- I was able to twist and turn my body in the water in ways I wouldn’t have had I been in bed or walking around.

I studied the Bradley Method, which is husband coached childbirth, but when it came down to it I just wanted Eric nearby. I didn’t want him talking to me, touching me, or anything else. I just wanted to be left to my thoughts of concentrating on feeling the “pressure” of each contraction come and go and making my muscles relax and allow my body to do the work it was supposed to be doing. Eric did remind me a few times as I was moaning through the pain that it was just pressure, not pain. That helped me try to focus on it being a good thing I was feeling – just doing the work needed to get my little man here.

By probably 4:20 my contractions were so close together and so strong that I almost didn’t feel any kind of break between each one. I couldn’t keep my legs still during the contractions. This is where I was thankful to be in water. I would keel over on to my right side and move my legs in a bicycle motion, still trying to relax but not knowing if I could. I prayed and prayed that I could do this. I knew I could, and that I really had no choice, but I just needed the constant reassurance. For the next few minutes I felt slight urges to push during contractions. It felt so much better to push through the contraction than to try and relax through them. By 4:30 I couldn’t help but push. It was weird how automatic and natural of a response it was. The only thing I can really compare it to is throwing up. You know when you throw up how your stomach wretches automatically, you don’t have to do anything to make it do that? Well same idea.

I pushed through a few contractions in the tub before they had me resituate so I’d have some bars to hold onto and a straight back to sit against. I told them I wasn’t planning on a water birth but didn’t know if I could get out of the tub because the contractions were on top of each other. I pushed for a while longer in the tub, such a weird sensation having a little head right down there in the way of where you are trying to sit. After a couple more minutes the midwives helped me out of the tub and onto a birthing stool where I continued to push. After some pushes in that position my legs were super wobbly and tired. They had me get onto my hands and knees to finish off the job. This helped because having my weight on my knees and hands helped me keep my body stable and keep from shaking.

As the baby was crowning my body responded in ways I would’ve never expected. I am NOT a screamer, I’m pretty good at controlling the noises my body makes when in pain but it was involuntary. Through the last 2 or 3 pushes I couldn’t help but scream. I was slightly embarrassed, but seriously had no control over it. I was hoping I’d be able to be one of those women who claimed their un-medicated childbirth was painless but I can’t claim such. This crowning burned like CRAZY. It was everything I could do to make myself push through the pain. I knew I had to, there was no other choice, and I couldn’t and didn’t want to keep him in there. Thankfully I can handle pain, so handle I did.

As his head emerged I felt a great decrease in burning. I knew at least part of him was out. I asked and they told me that his head was out so I just needed to push with all I had to get the rest of him out. So I did as they said and out he came. They immediately brought him to my arms where I got to cuddle him to me. Skin on skin, just like I wanted! It wasn’t a stressful rush to get him cleaned and his cord cut, as was my experience in the hospital. They just allowed us to enjoy each other while I rubbed his body getting him to breathe well. After a while they asked us if it was ok if we cut the cord. They clamped and Eric cut. It was cool how we weren’t being bossed around but rather were the ones to make the calls for the most part. It was nice feeling in charge of the experience. It really was so beautiful, and so invigorating.

Ivan John was born at 4:49 am on November 20, 2010. 21.5 inches long and weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs 9 oz . Big compared to my little Reese.

I ended up tearing a minor amount, and sadly only because when I had Reese I had 4th degree tears from the episiotomy and forceps and then had been stitched up too tight, so I tore a little around the scar tissue. It was very minor though and only took 3 stitches in one place and 1 stitch in another. I spent the first hour on the floor in the bathroom - not ideal. I thought I could walk over to the bed right after giving birth but passed out. Luckily the midwives did a great job catching me before I hit the floor. I did get to nurse Ivan right away, though it was slightly awkward positioning laying flat on the floor and all. It is so fantastic nursing an un-medicated newborn. He was totally alert and latched right on and nursed for a solid 40 minutes. After I was all stitched up Eric and the midwives carried me to bed where I drank and drank and drank! So much juice! Ivan was alert for another hour or so and then finally dozed off into a deep slumber between me and Eric.

Once my bleeding was normal we were given 4 hours until we needed to check out. Our check out time was 11 am. We napped and enjoyed our little guy. My sisters came for a quick visit and then a little before 11 we packed up and headed to my parents so Reese could meet her new little brother. It was all just completely ideal for what we were hoping the experience would be.

Turns out November 20th had more pull than November 19th. The 20th is my Great Grandpa Messick’s birthday, Eric sister Amber’s birthday, and my Grandparents’ Anniversary.

Loving the help

We have loved having help (and great company) around. It has been nice to be able to take naps and have on hand help constantly. Camla came up for a bit and then my mom switched her places. My poor dad just got surgery on the 17th so I felt kind of guilty taking away his help, but he was more than kind to share the help :)

As you can tell Reese loves the company too!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ivan John

Ivan John Ellis
8 lbs 9 oz
21.5 inches long
Born on November 20 at 4:49 am

We love this little guy like crazy! The whole birthing experience was amazing, a full account of that will come once I've caught up on some zzz's :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our house was a hair cutting salon yesterday:) Reese's hair is getting more and more crazy, the front is quite a bit shorter than the back so Eric evened it out and it added 10 years on to her, or so it seems. It is weird to see this mini body walking around with a bob, but oh so cute. I couldn't stop looking at her after her haircut, she just looks so different.

And this guy got a butchering as well... and looks mighty sharp! I just don't have an after picture and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't appreciate me going downstairs and waking him up just to take a picture of his haircut.

I'm glad I can trust Eric with the task of cutting hair. He has cut his own hair for forever long, and therefore has become quite talented with manipulating the scissors to create a certain look. Thanks babe!

On another note, my hair seems to finally be growing. I swear it just hasn't grown this pregnancy like it did when I was pregnant with Reese, but finally I'm noticing some length. We'll see how long I can keep it long this time, because I actually do like it short too and it is much easier. Easy + no sleep + wanting to have it cutely styled = short hair for me. So we'll see.


pregnant! It is true, I thought I'd have my baby by now. In one of my birthing books I read about a lady who was pregnant for a full year and the midwife thought that was just fine because she and the baby continued to thrive just fine. Please don't let me be that woman!!! I seriously FEAR that! Plus, mentally I'm pretty sure I would quit thriving!

For now I just wait, seriously thinking about it day in and day out, wondering when it will happen. Having to answer phone calls and texts with "nope, nothing yet". When will my continuous plays of false labor (which my body is the queen of) turn into the real thing? I know it will happen, when my little guy and God is ready for it to happen, but when? Ah patience, I need you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

If for no other reason...

I want to have my baby tonight so I can start using my Sleepy Wrap. My sister in law bought me one (she uses hers religiously) and I've tried it on so many times, imagining a little babe all bundled in it.
I can't wait to have that sweet newborn cuddled in close to me, breathing on my skin, becoming bonded to me. Plus, can I say it is the PERFECT way to help ease the transition for Reese. I'll still be able to play with Reese on the playground, chase her around the house, and pretty much everything else, since my hands will be free. On their website, I saw a picture of a lady carrying her probably 6 year old in the wrap. I tried my Sleepy Wrap out with Reese and she actually liked being held in it for like 5 minutes, then she was done.