Sunday, November 14, 2010


pregnant! It is true, I thought I'd have my baby by now. In one of my birthing books I read about a lady who was pregnant for a full year and the midwife thought that was just fine because she and the baby continued to thrive just fine. Please don't let me be that woman!!! I seriously FEAR that! Plus, mentally I'm pretty sure I would quit thriving!

For now I just wait, seriously thinking about it day in and day out, wondering when it will happen. Having to answer phone calls and texts with "nope, nothing yet". When will my continuous plays of false labor (which my body is the queen of) turn into the real thing? I know it will happen, when my little guy and God is ready for it to happen, but when? Ah patience, I need you!

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Alison said...

Let's just plan on going to feed the ducks on Tuesday. It seems like the baby always comes when you're not ready yet, or when you have stuff planned. Let me know if you want to do the ducks, and otherwise, good luck!