Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A major slow down

Life sure has slowed down around here. The snow sure slowed things down, as well as a newborn,
a little girl with the flu,

and a mama who hasn't been feeling the best. Unfortunately I caught an infection, but with the help of some heavy antibiotics I should be able to kick it without much else.

Even though the huge amounts of homework have resumed since the Thanksgiving break, Eric has been such a huge help! I can't imagine being a single mom - I'd go crazy I'm pretty sure.

Now a funny. The week before Ivan was born I left Reese with Eric while I went to my midwife appointment. It was pretty early in the morning so Eric said to just shut Reese in the bedroom with him so he could keep an eye on her from bed. I was gone for 15 minutes tops. When I came home I opened the bedroom door and startled Eric from his sleep by saying "Oh my gosh" when I looked at Reese and found she had plastered her head in lotion. We sure had a good laugh. He said that he had built Reese a "cave" in the bed covers that she was crawling in and out of but she then became quiet enough to allow him to drift back to sleep, at which time she had found the bottle of lotion :)


Brandon and Katie said...

Your little guy is precious!! I love your cute family. Nice work on the unmedicated birth- incredible strength!!! Congrats again on the new addition. Steele is 4 months old and he already seems soooo big compared to the newborn stage. They grow way too fast

Anonymous said...

That picture of Reese cracks me up. I remember we caught one of my nephews trying to paint my other nephew's mouth with nail polish once. Kids are so funny. Congratulations on the new baby. He's a cute one. I'm coming to Utah for Christmas, maybe at some point you and Whitney B. and everyone else who would want to can get together or something. Anyway, I'm so happy for you and hope you are doing well.