Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Even though Reese wouldn't have known if we hadn't taken her trick or treating, we decided to let her experience the magic of it all this year. She wouldn't try on her wings before Halloween night so I was afraid she wouldn't even get in costume. However, the pumpkin soup, scary Halloween tunes, and the talk of getting candy must have made her decide that she'd be in an extra happy mood and get dressed in whatever we wanted her to. She even kept her antennae on - shocker!
Here she is enjoying some candy that the workers at the grocery store gave her earlier that evening.

She was honestly SO patient waiting for me and Eric to get in costume. She just chilled out, danced around, and talked about candy.

On our way out the door. Eric dressed as a bandit last second. I was going to be a bumblebee, didn't want to change into my black leggings, realized I hadn't made/bought any black wings, borrowed Reese's pink set of wings, and then spotted myself in the mirror. I decided I looked much more like Heimlich from A Bug's Life (the fat caterpillar who finally sprouts tiny little wings at the end of the movie)than a bumblebee. Made me giggle.

We only went to like 10 houses, but that was enough to make Reese love the holiday. She didn't however like the scary houses. There were a few with TONS of spooky decorations. One of them even had a strobe light in the doorway. Two of the houses made her cry on the walk up to the door, so we ended up skipping those ones. Ever since, when she hears me talking about taking her trick or treating she says, "gonna get you" - meaning something is scary, "pied" with her little thumb and pointer finger pinched together and the other fingers spread out - meaning spider, because the strobe light house also had a huge spider on the doorway, "eyes" - referring to Eric's masked eyes, "nandy" - candy, and a whole lot of other jabber that lets me know she thoroughly enjoyed that memorable experience. I'm so glad I didn't give into the lazy side of me that thought of just skipping it this year because she had a lot of fun and it was so fun to see her cute little body timidly look at the answerers of the door, take the candy, drop it in her bucket, and then continue to stare at them like "are you gonna let me inside?".


Michelle said...

Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween! You all look great!!

Lindsey S. said...

So cute!

Lindsey S. said...

Bailey just saw me commenting on your post and cute little Reese with her sucker. She then insisted that she got a sucker too. Good thing she just ate lunch because now she's eating a sucker. haha! Love kids!