Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoot for the Stars!

Eric's younger brother, Dan, moved down from BC for the summer and we are loving the time we get to spend with him. This weekend we took him shooting, he had never shot a gun before, and he blew us away!! He hit almost every clay pigeon. Sharp Shooter!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Camalita!

Camla, Chelsea, Aubrey, and Eli

Camla, Happy 12th Birthday!! You are such a fun sister and we LOVE you so much!!! We hope that your birthday is a good one! Thanks for being such a sweetheart!
I know you were just being goofy in this pic, but I love it, you are BEAUTIFUL!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday B-Money

We love you B-Money!!
The CUTE cake Rachel made
Birthday Dinner at Red Robin

If you don't know B-Money, you should and probably will someday! He is such a genuine friend and the famous rapper of P-town. Our friends made the footage they had taken of Bee into a music video in time to unveil it at his birthday party on Friday! Since I have no idea how to actually put the video onto my blog, you can click here to see it. ENJOY!! Pics to come.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cascade Springs

Last weekend Micah and Eric did a lot of work with the Backhoe in our yard and on Micah's lot in Midway. They got a lot of work done around our house: Smoothed out a lot of areas, dug holes for our entryway logs, widened the driveways, etc. They ended up getting the backhoe stuck on the Micah's lot since it is so steep and ended up having to rent a second backhoe to pull theirs off of Micah's lot. Before renting the second backhoe, Eric was trying to maneuver the backhoe up the hillside and he kept getting closer and closer to the part of the lot that turned EXTREMELY steep. Sometimes it looked like the backhoe was going to tip or start rolling.

It is funny how much more concerned I am with Eric's safety now than ever before. When we were dating, he'd do stuff that was risky and it would scare me, but I wouldn't get too worried. Then once we were married all my worrying multiplied and I'd get so much more worried when he'd do risky stuff. Now that we have a kid on the way, my goodness, I don't know if I could get more worried over things he does sometimes. I guess it is a combination of my love for him increasing and also my realizing how much I rely on him and both really do need and want him around.

Friday night we went camping at Cascade Springs. Jeremiah's girlfriend Laura brought her darling kids and they made it so much fun. Here are some pics of them.
Alaina and Adam

Dallas, Eric & Adam, Jeremiah, and Laura

Eric and I dirt biked on Saturday morning. I rode much lighter than normal, making sure not to do much bouncing around and such, but Saturday night by tail bone started KILLING!! It has killed ever since. I called the nurse and she said that because of pregnancy it probably would have started hurting at some point, the pregnancy hormones make your ligaments more flexible so your hips can spread for childbirth, but the dirtbiking just pulled the tailbone from the sacrum a bit earlier than normal. Now I get to live with the sorest butt on earth! Sadly sitting makes it feel worse and with work, school, commuting, and my lack of energy to stand all day, I am faced with a whole lot of pain. Yee-Haw! At least it is for a good cause :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Buy me some Peanuts & Crackerjacks

Monday evenings are spent at Eric's softball games, which are a BLAST to watch!! His team is a hoot, they are such funny guys! Anyway, I just wanted to mention that last Monday Eric hit a home run! AWESOME!! But of course, I didn't have my camera out yet :(
Eric is the pitcher, so that makes the game much more fun to watch, since he is always part of the "Action". Sadly there are no peanuts or crackerjacks at these games, guess I need to start bringing my own!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Antelopes and Presidents

On Wednesday we left for Mount Rushmore in Clay and Steph's Sportsmobile!! So much fun!!! I thought South Dakota would be ugly dry grasslands, but boy was I WRONG!!! SD is GORGEOUS!!! We had a ton of fun, most of our time was spent on the motorcycles, which we were SO glad we brought along.

Our Near Blow-Out

The Men: Eric, Clay, and Micah
The Ladies: Nakita, Steph, and Rachel
Hopefully you know about the famous STURGIS - Home of the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Big Turtle Eric saved - by moving it off of the road: It looked somewhat prehistoric. He saved it from becoming part of the famous ROAD KILL CAFE!!
Cruisin' through Keystone


The weekend before we went to Antelope Island with our friends and camped over night. I finally experienced floating in the Great Salt Lake, VERY COOL, I'd recommend it too anyone who hasn't experienced such, and doesn't mind billions of brine shrimp surrounding you :)
Smashed bugs from running on the beach. They were EVERYWHERE!!! Thank you 100% DEET repellent.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Off to celebrate Independence Day :)

Eric and I will be taking off to Mount Rushmore in a few hours with Micah, Rachel, Clay, and Stephanie. We'll be traveling in Clay and Steph's sweet travel van! I'm excited to see Mount Rushmore and to celebrate the 4TH of JULY!!! HaPpY 4tH!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

This post is for Eric! Happy Canada Day!! I'm glad Eric is both Canadian and American, so we can celebrate both Canada Day and the 4th of July within just a few days of each other! For FUN!! Our kids will LOVE this! At least I know I love two days within a week, full of fireworks and awesomeness!!
Waiting for the fireworks in Victoria last July 1. Wish we were there this year :(