Friday, January 29, 2010


Here is the necklace Reese loves so much! As soon as she finds it she puts it on.
She likes to tease. Here she is with Daddy's phone, pretending like she is going to hand it to him. She runs for the bathroom everytime she hears the door open. She likes to fish in the toilet, and empty the cupboards.
This is the reaction I often times receive when I take her out of the bathroom and shut the door.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Purple Shoes

My parents bought Reese these purple shoes a while ago, and she's worn them multiple times. But yesterday she wanted to wear them all day long, and during her nap. I took them off of her a couple of times but as soon as they were off her feet she'd pick them up, give them to me, start babbling, and lift her feet in the air for me to put them back on.
"Pick me up mom!!"
I love that Reese has her own opinion about little things, like favorite shoes. Couple more opinions: 1) She has, and has had for the last 9+ months, a favorite blanket (the green one from Grandma Jill). 2) My friend Terra watched Reese the other night while I went and got my re-certification for CPR and when I picked her up from their house she was wearing a beaded necklace. She usually HATES things around her neck so I was surprised. All yesterday she put the Wii nunchuck cord around her neck (with my supervision of course) like a necklace, and then today I found one of those necklaces from Hawaii that has the big brown seeds and she wore it all morning until I made her take it off for her nap. I think it is so funny that she picked up the whole wearing a necklace thing since I pretty much never wear necklaces.

Aerials World Cup

Last weekend Eric took me up to Deer Valley to see the Aerials finals. It was so cool. I have no clue how the skiiers can remember where they are in the air and actually land after doing so many flips and twists. SO sweet! Number 1 in the world for both men and women were at the competition and we got to watch them perform. Luckily we got their early so we were at the very front of the crowd. Eric got to slap hands with the #1 women, who is from China, when she passed by us. We were video recorded multiple times so hopefully we can figure out when it airs on the TV and watch for ourselves :)

Reese was a good sport even though it was FREEZING and her boots and gloves kept falling off!! She kept giving high fives to the drunk man behind us. HAHAHA! Eric's bro David and his girlfriend Nicole came with us, as well as my sis Camla. My parents and her were staying up in Park City for my mom's work so we picked up Camla and then afterward went to the hotel and ate LOTS of cheese (thanks mom), crackers, and cookies, hot tubbed and played a LOT of games of Marco Polo in the pool.
The girl skiiers are tiny! Little gymnists on skis.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been quite the blog slacker lately because whenever I think about blogging I think about how I need to get my blurb blog book editing done so I can print it off. Well, I finally finished it two nights ago, so I can get back to normal blogging.

One of my New Years resolutions is to take Reese outside for at least 30 minutes a day. It is easy to just stay in side all day when it is so frigidly cold and only go outside to get in the car or go from the car to the grocery store, etc. So we will be taking either a walk or doing some sort of outdoor activity everyday. Both Reese and I are so much happier if we get some time outdoors.

The other day we just walked around in our yard. She loved running on the snow packed ground, but found it was quite slippery. Shortly after these pictures we had to go inside and put her mittens on because she kept falling and her hands were starting to freeze.

Reese had her 1 year check up yesterday. She is somewhere between 17 lbs 4 oz and 17 lbs 7 oz. (5th percentile)The nurse weighed her on multiple scales just to make sure she was really that light. She is. This girl is non-stop active and eats like a horse (like full pbj's [with two slices of bread] for lunch plus a bottle of veggies, and a whole piece of cinnamon toast, a bottle of fruit, and some of my cereal for breakfast) but is still burning more calories than she is consuming so we have to lace all her meals with lots of fat and calories now. We now have to add butter, cream cheese, coconut milk, etc to her meals and drinks. This morning she had rice cereal made with whole milk and maple syrup for added calories plus some whole milk mixed with apple juice to drink. Yum yum ??
Reese is 28 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile) and her head is 55th percentile.
She is SO full of energy! We LOVE her to death! I'm still in awe at how much love I can have for her. She makes my life so happy!

Friday, January 8, 2010


This is the face of guilt! Cutest guilty face I've ever seen though.Eric was babysitting Reese the other day while I was at my internship and when I got home he told me that Reese dug an empty baby food jar out of the garbage. When he told her "no no" she smashed it on the ground. When he said "NO" she started grabbing the pieces of glass by the fistfulls. Luckily no ouchies! Since there were no injuries sustained I thought it was pretty funny.

Today I had a similar experience.

I was holding Reese, she was holding a brand new bottle of bright pink nail polish. She threw the bottle onto the kitchen floor (tile), the bottle busted and bright pink sprayed all over the tile and some onto the carpet. GREAT! Luckily I had her playpen set up in the laundry room so I hurry and stuck her in their with her church bag of toys while I attempted to clean up. Nail polish is a PAIN to clean up. I ran out of nail polish remover and there is still a pink hue on my tiles and pink splash marks on my carpet. Hopefully it will all come out once I get the chance to go buy some more nail polish remover in town.

She's just too sweet and cute to get mad at. And, hello, it is my fault for letting her always play with things like bottles of nail polish!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy First Birthday Reesie Babe

We had my parents, Camla, Botts, and Naffzigers up for Reese's birthday dinner and cake and ice cream.
Reese didn't know what to do with her cake at first, but after a little help from her daddy, decided the cake was tasty.

She got a little excited, and got the whip cream up her nose :)

Then she needed the spoon
I didn't take any pictures of her opening up presents. She had lots of little helpers opening up presents with her and she got TOTALLY spoiled! Thank you everyone for your extreme generosity. She is so entertained with all her new toys and books and looks darling in all her new outfits!Reese seems so much older now. She walks all over, interacts differently and even looks older. She's not a little baby anymore. I can't believe she's already a whole year old. Sad but exciting! She just gets more fun all the time and is becoming her own sweet little self.

Static head - from the cold dry air up here in the mountains.

New Years Eve 2009

We had our annual New Year's Eve party up at our house again this year. Like always there was too much good food, just enough fun with friends, and not enough time :) Thanks everyone who came and brought in the New Year with us!

We spent the night socializing, doing Karaoke, and playing Wii It got pretty intense!!
New Years Day was spent snowmobiling
Sundell's made it up in time for Bryan to go out snowmobiling with everyone. I was SO happy they showed up so that I had someone to hang out with (Kristen)!!!
Eric jumping his sled
I love this picture of Jeremiah. He has perfect form but isn't attached to his sled :)

Sundell's and Jeremiah spent the night again and went snowmobiling with Eric all day the next day. They had quite the adventure! Got way off the beaten path and had to do all kinds of technical riding to get back. Despite the stress of getting back before a storm rolled in and it got dark (and the wives would start worrying), the guys had a LOT of fun riding!

Christmas 2009

It was magical...
Reese LOVES this monkey!
Eric made me this chin-up bar! I LOVE it and am getting much better at chin-ups.
Reese enjoying her tunnel
And her fun block train from G-ma and Papa
It was a beautiful day! We had our own Christmas in the morning, then talked to my brother Don (who is in France serving a mission for our church) for a couple hours and then headed down to my parents for the traditional and delicious prime rib dinner, opening more presents, and hanging out with them the rest of the day!
It is cool that Don is out serving our Savior. I'm guessing this was a memorable Christmas for him, although he was far away from all of us.

Christmas Eve 2009

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house. B-Money came along for the festivities.
First we opened up our Christmas Eve presents: Jammies
Then we enjoyed our traditional "Shepherds' Meal" in our Pjs, while watching the Living Scriptures movie on Christ's birth.
Reese went haywire when she saw all the plates of food on the floor. Luckliy my family didn't care and just thought it was cute when she'd grab handfulls of cheese or crackers and stuff them in her already full mouth. It was a funny sight. She was going 100 mph stuffing that food in her mouth.

Mom and Dad! They are the most loving people I know! We're so lucky to have them in our lives and Reese is so lucky to have grandparents that are SO involved in her life. They go out of their ways to make sure she will know they love her.
Chelsea enjoying her olives. Not excited about getting her picture taken though.
Eli in his super hero jams.
Reese and I in our jams.
We decorated Christmas sugar cookies for Santa. Camla decorated her face (with a little help from my mama).
First Christmas Eve with a child. SO much better than without kids! Kids bring a special magical feel to the holidays!
The evening was spent playing Wii golf.