Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

We had our annual New Year's Eve party up at our house again this year. Like always there was too much good food, just enough fun with friends, and not enough time :) Thanks everyone who came and brought in the New Year with us!

We spent the night socializing, doing Karaoke, and playing Wii It got pretty intense!!
New Years Day was spent snowmobiling
Sundell's made it up in time for Bryan to go out snowmobiling with everyone. I was SO happy they showed up so that I had someone to hang out with (Kristen)!!!
Eric jumping his sled
I love this picture of Jeremiah. He has perfect form but isn't attached to his sled :)

Sundell's and Jeremiah spent the night again and went snowmobiling with Eric all day the next day. They had quite the adventure! Got way off the beaten path and had to do all kinds of technical riding to get back. Despite the stress of getting back before a storm rolled in and it got dark (and the wives would start worrying), the guys had a LOT of fun riding!