Friday, January 8, 2010


This is the face of guilt! Cutest guilty face I've ever seen though.Eric was babysitting Reese the other day while I was at my internship and when I got home he told me that Reese dug an empty baby food jar out of the garbage. When he told her "no no" she smashed it on the ground. When he said "NO" she started grabbing the pieces of glass by the fistfulls. Luckily no ouchies! Since there were no injuries sustained I thought it was pretty funny.

Today I had a similar experience.

I was holding Reese, she was holding a brand new bottle of bright pink nail polish. She threw the bottle onto the kitchen floor (tile), the bottle busted and bright pink sprayed all over the tile and some onto the carpet. GREAT! Luckily I had her playpen set up in the laundry room so I hurry and stuck her in their with her church bag of toys while I attempted to clean up. Nail polish is a PAIN to clean up. I ran out of nail polish remover and there is still a pink hue on my tiles and pink splash marks on my carpet. Hopefully it will all come out once I get the chance to go buy some more nail polish remover in town.

She's just too sweet and cute to get mad at. And, hello, it is my fault for letting her always play with things like bottles of nail polish!


Michelle said...

Nail polish is way fun to clean up! :) She is too funny... a little personality of her own! :)

Lindsey S. said...

Don't you love it when you tell them No and they do it anyway even though they know they aren't suppose too! haha Bailey only listens to James. She just thinks my opinion doesn't matter.

I love her guilty face. So cute!

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

ha ha! and she is only 1... just wait a few more years you will have at least one funny thing to post on your blog a week.
she is too cute!!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

oh my heck oh my heck!!!!!! She is so so so so pretty! That is the prettiest darn face EVER! haha I want to kiss those cheeks! Those eyes are to die for.
You two make beautiful babies... so
I think it's time for you two to have another! haha

Kayla R. said...

oooooohhh! isnt funny the little things they do and you should be angry and then you just start laughing because they are soooo stinkn cute!