Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April and May happenings

Eric and I went snowboarding together for the first time in 5 years or more. It was such a BLAST! Luckily I still remembered how to snowboard and didn't slow Eric down too much...

 Reese didn't like the way the neighbor boys were playing (pretending to shoot each other and themselves) so she came inside. A minute later I heard her praying that they'd stop playing that way because they are children of God. Such a precious little girl!
 Ivan stood on a 5 gallon bucket on our back porch step, fell over and hit his forehead on the kickstand to Eric's dirtbike. Totally gashed his head open, poor guy!
 Eric sang to him to try to keep him calm and awake while we waited for the doctor.

 He was pretty sad until he saw his cool blue bandage, then he felt real tough and was pretty happy about it all.

 Bocce ball on Easter weekend

 Eric's 37th! Berry pie, indian food, and friends!

 Porter was standing at my feet when I put soup in a blender. I started blending it and it exploded out of the blender and landed right on his head. I couldn't see where it had hit him, I thought it was his eye so I iced it as good as I could. Later the mark showed up. SO sad!!
 Lava Hot Springs. We got a hotel for a night so Dan could have a good nights sleep on his way up to Alberta to work for the summer, and so we could have a fun weekend :)

 Waterfall canyon. The kids amaze me with their hiking endurance!