Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vegas and Solar Eclipse 2012

Eric's sister, Kristen, had her baby this month so we planned a weekend getaway to meet our new little nephew. It was a fun trip. We hung out with the Sundells, Eric's mom and Amber, celebrated Bryan's birthday eating the most delicious tacos EVER poolside, experienced being the dunked on a dunk tank for the first time,  mountain biked (Eric), walked the strip [Eric got to take part in a magic act], visited and swam with my parents at The Tropicana, and drove home at a leisurely pace to experience the Solar Eclipse near Kanarraville, UT.

We took Amber to our favorite little hike near St. George, at Red Cliffs Recreation area.

 It was crazy to see all the contraptions people had made to view the eclipse. Some homemade, some store-bought. We didn't buy anything fancy, but had 3 pairs of sunglasses in the car, and that worked well enough.

 Even crazier than the contraptions were the insane amounts of vehicles parked within 15 miles of Kanarraville. In the middle of nowhere, cemeteries were filled, roads were lined with cars and cars and more cars with people sitting out looking at the sun!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've always loved May. Mostly because May was always the end of school and beginning of summer break, which meant lots of school days full of parties, not a lot of homework, and classroom time spent visiting with your classmates and cleaning out your desks. Another reason is because both me and my sister have our birthdays in May!! Our May so far has been a good one.

I ran a 5k. Good since I've ran maybe 5 times since Ivan was born, 3 of those times being about a year ago. Rachel got me excited about signing up for it, but as soon as I started to train for it my "bad" ankle started hurting so I decided to stop. I still had intentions of going to the race but just walking. However, my ankle felt better the week of the race so the night before I decided I was going to run it. Eric and I went out and found me a new pair of running shoes and in the morning Eric dropped me and the kids off.

 Reese woke up 15 minutes before we left and Ivan had to be pulled out of bed, hence the sleepy faces. I did good at the race. I was able to run the whole way, and I actually finished quicker than I had planned.

We had our annual friends Cinco de Mayo party

And I turned 26!!! I thankfully remembered to renew my drivers license that morning, I read a good portion of a book I'm really into right now, "Heaven is Here", and then when Eric got home he took me and the kids to an Italian restaurant for a divine dinner and then to the Park City outlets to do some shopping. Eric themed my birthday gifts around survival this year. I got a gun and a filtering water bottle. VERY excited about both!!

Micah is good to be our photographer most the time. He always has his iPhone with him so when he takes pics he instantly emails them to me. Thanks Micah!! They came up for dinner and a walk last month. I love the picture of Reese asleep and Ivan snickering.


I bought a zoo pass this year, which was totally smart!! It was the best deal and we've already used it multiple times. Both Reese and Ivan love seeing the animals (as do I). The best part about the pass is that it allows you to bring a few guests with you. 

Terra is my friend I met in Heber right after Eric and I got married. I get along with people really easily but I've always only had few friends that I'd consider "best friends". It's not that I'm stuck up, it's simply that there are certain people I really click with and it feels effortless to hang out with them. Somehow I'm completely at ease around them and feel like I can discuss even my most secretive thoughts with them. Terra is one of these few. She is what I miss most about living in Heber. She and her kids, along with her sister, and my friend, Kristin came to the zoo with us last month. I love seeing Reese and Terra's girls play together and I'm excited for when Ivan and Ryker start showing more interest in each other (they are only 1 month apart).

 Reese got a bag of pom-poms in her Easter basket this year. I thought we could use them for a craft or something but she LOVES to make shapes with them on the floor and will stay entertained with them for quite some time. This is her and a heart. Don't mind Reese and her usual outfit (only undies).

Ivan, why the rambunctious face?
 Oh, because somehow you were able to climb up onto the computer desk and climb behind the entertainment center.