Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I bought a zoo pass this year, which was totally smart!! It was the best deal and we've already used it multiple times. Both Reese and Ivan love seeing the animals (as do I). The best part about the pass is that it allows you to bring a few guests with you. 

Terra is my friend I met in Heber right after Eric and I got married. I get along with people really easily but I've always only had few friends that I'd consider "best friends". It's not that I'm stuck up, it's simply that there are certain people I really click with and it feels effortless to hang out with them. Somehow I'm completely at ease around them and feel like I can discuss even my most secretive thoughts with them. Terra is one of these few. She is what I miss most about living in Heber. She and her kids, along with her sister, and my friend, Kristin came to the zoo with us last month. I love seeing Reese and Terra's girls play together and I'm excited for when Ivan and Ryker start showing more interest in each other (they are only 1 month apart).

 Reese got a bag of pom-poms in her Easter basket this year. I thought we could use them for a craft or something but she LOVES to make shapes with them on the floor and will stay entertained with them for quite some time. This is her and a heart. Don't mind Reese and her usual outfit (only undies).

Ivan, why the rambunctious face?
 Oh, because somehow you were able to climb up onto the computer desk and climb behind the entertainment center.

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Terra said...

:`( You're awesome. I'm glad that you and Eric had some good birthdays. I hope to see you soon! We need to celebrate. Also, I really really wish you still lived here...those were some good - no GREAT - times :)