Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Eric

This year was a big birthday for Eric. 35!! So, I thought I'd try to make it extra special by making it a weekend celebration. On Friday I threw him a surprise party. Normally I invite friends for dinner on his birthday, but seeing as it was an extra special birthday we had games too. We played Minute to Win It and it was a blast! It was seriously so funny too!
One game consisted of putting a speedometer on your head to see how many steps you could get in 1 minute and another required you to put nylons on your head with a ball in the end to knock over cups on the ground. There were lots of competitions/games and each of them provided a good laugh.

 On Saturday, his actual birthday, Eric was inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha, which is the National Honor Society at the University of Utah. The ceremony took place at Rodizio's so we got a babysitter and made a date out of it. On Sunday we celebrated one last time, at my parent's house, with a BBQ and triple berry pie.

I'm so extremely in love with Eric. We've faced a lot of trials over the last couple of years, ones that I feel have made our love run a lot deeper than I knew possible. We've also had a lot of good times and made some GREAT memories!! I'm glad he's the one by my side as we go through this crazy adventure of a life, because honestly, with him by my side, even the craziest days are filled with happiness! I love you birthday boy!

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