Friday, February 22, 2008

What a Weekend!

I am so glad it is Friday, I live for the weekends!!! So, now that it is Friday, and work is slowing down, I have time to write about our wonderful and crazy weekend last week. First of all, Eric took me to this amazing restaurant, Metropolitan, in SLC. Not only was this a celebration of the Valentine holiday, but later we realized it was also our three month anniversary :) I have never been to such a fancy place. The waiters take all of your dishes and silverware between each course so we went through like 25 pieces of silverware each, and who knows how many plates. Ha! It was so cool. Before we ordered I really needed to use the restroom, when the waiter came by I asked if they had a bathroom I could use. His response..."No, just hold it." I thought he was serious, and decided it must not be kosher to ask such a thing in a fancy restaurant. I felt dumb, and then he said he was kidding and showed me where it was. I still felt dumb.

We ate all kinds of interesting, yet delicious food items...wild mushroom tarts, oysters, sweet potato soup, shrimp bisque, lobster, steak, buffalo, some sorbet stuff to "cleanse our pallets" and awesome chocolate fondue. Yum!! It was such a fun experience, and the best part....the whole meal took like two or three hours so Eric and I had plenty of time to just talk.

Oh yeah, on the way up, we were going to stop by Cabela's but then Eric said, "wanna go look at a car in Salt Lake?" (We've been searching for an economical car to replace my gas hog of a Blazer.) I did of course, so we went and looked at it, we both loved it, and we just picked it up on Wednesday. I love it, it is a silver Subaru Impreza. So cool, and perfect since it is all wheel drive.

Eric and I went snowmobiling on Saturday and then since Monday was a holiday we had my brother in law Jeremy up to snowmobile and snowboard. It was a lot of fun but for sure the scariest snowmobiling trip of my life. Eric is fearless, and he does these crazy turns on the snowmobiles that completely lay the sleds on their sides. So, on Monday he was doing them on all these steep hills, which I must say was quite impressive. I stopped at the bottom of a hill, he was doing the turns on, to watch him. All of a sudden the snowmobile started rolling over. It rolled over twice with Eric on it. All I could think of was our neighbor who rolled his four-wheeler over him and is now a paraplegic. I was freaking out, I was screaming his name and I took off running up the hill side. When I got to him both he and the sled were right side up. I asked him if he was okay and all he could say was, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!! And look I didn't even break anything on the snowmobile!" Oh my HECK!!! Scare me to death!!! I guess Eric is justified in his fearlessness, only his leg got a bit bruised.

After the rolling we started heading home but played around on the way back. There was this super steep hill that I didn't want to go up, I didn't think I would be able to make it all the way up because it was seriously SO steep. Eric went up it a couple times and talked me into going up it. I told him I didn't want to jump at the top of the hill and he said that if I slowed down near the top I wouldn't jump. I pinned the gas almost all the way to the top and let go of the gas maybe 20 feet before the top to prevent myself from doing any kind of a jump. Well little did I know, I hit the top going maybe 40 mph and totally flew off the top. I flew forward 30 or 35 feet and got more air than I was excited about. I was freaking out, I almost landed on the downside of the other side of the mountain. Well, I was already in the crying mood because of Eric's rolling his snowmobile over himself, so needless to say, I was bawling by the time I landed. Freaked me out!!! I had the two best adrenaline rushes of probably my whole life in one day. Sweet :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE where we live

These are just a few reasons why our house ROCKS:

1) Right now we have a lot of snow! I like it :)

2) Sundays are fun! Even though it is quite chilly out, Eric and I try to enjoy the outdoors by doing something relaxing outside after church. Sometimes it is a walk, sometimes a drive, last Sunday consisted of snowshoeing around a lake near our house. It was gorgeous and a lot of fun just hanging out, chatting, and not worrying about anything but breaking through the ice :)

This is right after we got back from snowshoeing last Sunday

3) The animals are cool! I have to post this picture, even though it is an extremely crappy one that I took on my way to work this morning (all the dark things are Elk). Because of all the snow, the wildlife have urbanized. They are right down in Heber City. When driving to and from our house, Eric and I try to spot this herd of Elk. There are so so so many of them. And they are huge animals!! Last night on our drive home we saw a giant of an elk with a set of trophy antlers. Beautiful! Sadly, I didn't capture a snapshot of that monster.

4) People like to visit us! It is kinda a getaway of sorts :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Holy Snow!!!

I can't believe all this snow!!! Eric and I were driving down to Provo this morning and at the north end of Provo Canyon there were barricades and a sign saying the canyon was closed. I'm not so sure why neither of us thought to call the road condition hot line before we left home. So for the second time this winter we had to turn around and drive back home. I didn't mind, that just meant that I got to go into work later :) I'm thinking it was closed for avalanche control (since that is what it was closed for last week.)

Bless Eric, he spends so much of his time snowblowing. I absolutely love our home and the mounds and mounds of snow we have, but I feel bad every time that Eric has to go out and snow blow, I know he'll be out in the cold for quite a while. Oh, and I tried the snowblower once and let me tell you, it takes a lot of strength.

We hit a deer, or rather a deer hit us a couple of weeks ago. As nice as it is to have Eric's Pathfinder looking shiny and new, due to a whole new front end and a paint job, we are experiencing the difficulties that always come with getting in some kind of wreck - the after effects. It doesn't seem like everything that needs to get fixed gets fixed right the first time. Saturday night, after going out to dinner and enjoying a couple of exciting games of bowling in the local Heber bowling alley (gotta check it out) we were on our way back up to our house when I noticed that the heater was blowing freezing cold air. This is atypical for Eric's car, the heater heats up quick. Eric knew right away what the problem was, dang radiator. Needless to say, the car is back in the shop. Blah!