Thursday, March 24, 2011

luv 'em

I adore these babies of mine! Pure joy, I tell you!
 Ivan had his 4 month checkup today:

- 17 lbs
- 26 inches
He is a large boy!

Poor Reese was sick again, hence the chapped lips...I swear 2 of 3 times she goes to nursery, she contracts something, which is completely unfortunate since she craves nursery! Yesterday I took her running with me, we went past the church and I pointed it out to her. She started crying when she realized I wasn't taking her to nursery.

I also adore Eric. Sadly I only seem to take pictures of us adults when we're on vacation and things. Luckily we are going to Moab this weekend, so I should have some pics of us for the next post. He's a darling, he got a movie just for me at Redbox last night. I thought that was very thoughtful - getting a movie that he knows I will like but he won't. So, I just put the kids down for naps, and I'm going to lounge on the couch and watch my happy-go-lucky chick flick :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh mother.

Sometimes being a mother is a walk in the park, other times it is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. With Eric having midterms and papers due, the last couple of days have felt like I was a single mother. I don't know how single mothers do it. My neighbor is a single lady who adopted her friend's daughter's baby 3 months ago. I was talking to her today and she said "it's nice that you have your husband so you can take off every once in a while." I rarely take off without at least one of the kids, but at least there is the option.

I've been pondering a LOT lately. It humbles me. I'm glad, because I feel that with all the pondering and inner questioning, eventually some positive changes will take place. Motherhood teaches you how little you know and how much you have to rely on a divine source of knowledge. I'm struggling with Reese becoming an older child. I know nothing of disciplining a child with a personality like hers. What discipline works, what is detrimental? I'm slowly learning how to teach her things: right from wrong, colors, games, words. I'm having a hard time getting Ivan on a good nap and nighttime sleep schedule, I've forgotten all the "tricks" :). Thankfully, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. This is my calling, my job, my responsibility - and God knows all. I'm trying to learn from Him how I can be the best I possibly can in all these new challenges in life.

It is a wonderful thing to have angels in your home to humble you. Thank you Reese and Ivan for being those angels. You've taught me what "mother's love" is. And you're allowing me to find my weaknesses so that I can turn to a higher source for strengthening.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

rain to shine

In one day we made the decision to go from:
-Trying to entertain ourselves while being cooped up in our house
-Avoiding the cold outside
-Pretending it is Summer and trying on all of our swimsuits
To...Eric driving through the night so we could enjoy:
-Spending the majority of the day outside
-Racing electric 4 wheelers around the cul-de-sac
-Happiness and smiles galore

It was so nice to get away from the yucky weather! A great break from reality, soaked up some rays, spent time with family, a date night for just Eric and I on the strip, family night on the strip, fantastic food, lots of dirtbiking for the guys, and a much needed vacation! It was wonderful!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's already March??

It may have something to do with February having fewer days than the rest of the months, but I swear it never happened. Where did the month go?

Reese is TOTALLY ready to be potty trained. She sits on the toilet, un-prompted, by herself multiple times a day, and even goes to the bathroom sometimes. I don't even know how to potty train a kid, but I better figure it out quick since she is so interested. Any pointers?

She is a total goof in front of the camera these days. As soon as a pull it out she puts on a solemn face. Oh well, she is still cute.

She LOVES nursery. She runs from sacrament meeting into nursery and happily says goodbye to Eric when he drops her off. I'm glad she's warmed up to the idea so much!
Ivan is the happiest baby I know, which makes me happy, and which thankfully makes me feel like one day I will want another :) Just not for a while. He is too long for his bassinet now. Time to do the room switcharoo, move Reese downstairs, and him into a crib in Reese's current room because his feet kicking his wicker bassinet at night is enough to make me not sleep soundly. I don't know why but I'm hesitant though because I have a hard time being OK with Reese sleeping so far away from me - dumb I know, but both beds won't fit in the upstairs room :(
We've got some cool projects coming down the pipeline. Eric is making something cool (I won't give it away until it is complete though, in case he wants it to be a surprise). I'm going to be making part of our basement into a cool play room. I'll do a before and after of that and her room when I'm done. I'm excited.