Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's already March??

It may have something to do with February having fewer days than the rest of the months, but I swear it never happened. Where did the month go?

Reese is TOTALLY ready to be potty trained. She sits on the toilet, un-prompted, by herself multiple times a day, and even goes to the bathroom sometimes. I don't even know how to potty train a kid, but I better figure it out quick since she is so interested. Any pointers?

She is a total goof in front of the camera these days. As soon as a pull it out she puts on a solemn face. Oh well, she is still cute.

She LOVES nursery. She runs from sacrament meeting into nursery and happily says goodbye to Eric when he drops her off. I'm glad she's warmed up to the idea so much!
Ivan is the happiest baby I know, which makes me happy, and which thankfully makes me feel like one day I will want another :) Just not for a while. He is too long for his bassinet now. Time to do the room switcharoo, move Reese downstairs, and him into a crib in Reese's current room because his feet kicking his wicker bassinet at night is enough to make me not sleep soundly. I don't know why but I'm hesitant though because I have a hard time being OK with Reese sleeping so far away from me - dumb I know, but both beds won't fit in the upstairs room :(
We've got some cool projects coming down the pipeline. Eric is making something cool (I won't give it away until it is complete though, in case he wants it to be a surprise). I'm going to be making part of our basement into a cool play room. I'll do a before and after of that and her room when I'm done. I'm excited.


Lindsey S. said...

I would love potty training tips if you get any! Bailey asks to go potty all the time, sits there, but has only gone twice. She just doesn't get the release part... TMI? ha

Alison said...

Ivan is a cute little guy! He looks a lot like Reese these days. And I would be nervous about moving Soren downstairs, too.

I think it's awesome that Eric is so talented with wood! Can't wait to see what he is making.