Thursday, March 24, 2011

luv 'em

I adore these babies of mine! Pure joy, I tell you!
 Ivan had his 4 month checkup today:

- 17 lbs
- 26 inches
He is a large boy!

Poor Reese was sick again, hence the chapped lips...I swear 2 of 3 times she goes to nursery, she contracts something, which is completely unfortunate since she craves nursery! Yesterday I took her running with me, we went past the church and I pointed it out to her. She started crying when she realized I wasn't taking her to nursery.

I also adore Eric. Sadly I only seem to take pictures of us adults when we're on vacation and things. Luckily we are going to Moab this weekend, so I should have some pics of us for the next post. He's a darling, he got a movie just for me at Redbox last night. I thought that was very thoughtful - getting a movie that he knows I will like but he won't. So, I just put the kids down for naps, and I'm going to lounge on the couch and watch my happy-go-lucky chick flick :)


Ceci and Steven said...

cute kids. Yeah, he's a big boy, my Jakey is 1 and he's just 19lbs (8% for weight)but it's ok, hes healthy at least. Your kids are TOO cute. I love how much they look a like :)

Michelle said...

They are beautiful my dear!

Kari Ann said...

Look how stinkin cute your kiddos are...We are going to Moab next weekend, guess we will just miss ya:)

Lindsey S. said...

Sweet Reese. Bailey is the same about nursery. What a cutie!