Sunday, March 30, 2014

February and March 2014

Reese's 1st crush, the Power Ranger :)

 My sweetest cousin, Melissa, watched my kids spring semester while I was at school. She was so wonderful to them, and they loved her. I will be forever grateful for her taking them in as her own when I was in class.

St. Patty's day celebration and Papa and grandma's
 My mom took the older kids so I could study and get rest in preparation for exams.
 Grandma Boldt's bday

 Adam's canyon. Quite a steep hike but the kids did AWESOME!

 I LOVE our bedroom. Eric built the bed and mirror and I think it is absolutely lovely!
 Eric built the kids a treehouse. Such a fun project for him to design and then make come to life. The kids play out there (and all the neighbor kids) pretty much every day.
 Church is hard to stay awake through for this little boy. He typically fights sleep at church, but every once in a while he gives in.
 Antelope Island!