Monday, February 27, 2012


Thanks to this guy's awesome wife, there were five REALLY giddily happy guys the other night! Rachel surprised Micah with a night of iFlying! Eric was lucky to join in on the fun and I was uber lucky to get to laugh my butt off for probably 2 hours straight. High speed air hitting one's face does some beautifully funny things! The pictures suck, sorry, but I did what I could (plexi glass = no flash, semi-dark room = I need a flash!, so I went without and got a bunch of blurry pics)!!
 These are the three who moved into my single's ward six years ago! I instantly had my eye on Eric! Jeremiah and Micah could tell because I guess I was "smiling too much at Eric not to be interested". Go figure. I probably looked like a crazy person - whatever - it got me what I wanted :) 
 Jeremiah insisted on helping Cameron with his outfit. As you can tell from Cameron's face, he was reeeealy grateful.
Red power ranger briefing the group.
 A little cousin affection on the sidelines.
 Rachel documenting the adventure on film, thankfully, because iFly gave the DVD that Rachel bought to the other group flying with us, nice....
Yep those earplugs did end up in his ears eventually...yum!

 See! Giddy as a schoolboy!!!

The Flyers:

Dallas - serious at all times, and in all things, and in all places, or at least while flying with a man holding on to him!
 Eric - perma grin!
Micah - love the cheeks!! (Don't be embarrassed, my cheeks would have flapped too)

Jeremiah - "mouth wide open flying is the way to go, especially since my nostrils are toned enough not to look like that one guys...."

Cameron - not serious at all times, and in all things, and in all places!
Admiring Dallas flying above them - getting even more stoked!!!
 Does this face not scream Liesl from the Sound of Music?... when she finishes singing "I am 16 going on 17" and then screams "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Go watch that part, you'll know what I mean!
 His smile got bigger and bigger with every passing second!
 I think I saw a little smile 
 Beaver mouth! The wind did wonders for your smile Cam!
Fill those cheeks!!

The same face you were pulling when you took me Latin dancing years ago, but even more intense. Air dancing must be much more euphoric!
 Uh Jeremiah, did you forget people were watching....?
 Cameron the ballerino!!
 "Am I flying, am I flying?"
 "Whatever you do, don't look down!"  
And to end the night, Micah let Reese ride on his dad's bear and she snuggled right into it. She loved nuzzling her face into its thick furry coat. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kids screw with your head...

They teach you that boots make perfectly good gloves,
that sometimes when you are playing "paint" on the computer, you realize it'd be very cool to transfer your creation onto your body, even though you are three and perfectly aware that you aren't supposed to draw on your body - you have to make exceptions (and you know you are really cute and can get away with most things if you repeatedly say "It's a assident mom"!
 They make being tickled look like utter enjoyment,

 and they wake up with crazy splotches ALL over their body
that continue to multiply, swell, and turn into bruises (Erythema Multiforme from a virus he had the couple weeks prior - look it up, causes much more fuss than is needed)

 and then 5 days later look as if they never had a problem on their perfectly beautiful, smooth skin....

Friday, February 17, 2012

2 more pics from Micah's phone

Reese trying on a sweet hoodie, that zips up into a shark face/mouth. The mouth is mesh so she can still see. 
 Watching a surf competition and a bunch of surfers not in the competition as well. They were lined up in the ocean as far as you could see. So neat.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trip part 2

On Sunday morning we hit up church across the street from the Newport Beach temple. Then we started making the trip to Vegas, where we decided to stay for the night so we could hang out with Kristen and Bryan and kids.
 We stopped at Calico, which is an old west mining town that Walter Knott, the founder of Knotts Berry Farm, restored back in the 50's. It was a fun stop and nice to walk around for a while.
 Reese wasn't thrilled about sitting on the railing to get a picture with an OLD fire truck.

 Our favorite traveling buddies - the Christensens!

 Kaylyn was a dang good traveler! For some reason Ivan decided to learn how to yell on that trip, but Kaylyn was a good sport and wouldn't get too upset with him :)
That night we had a TON of fun chatting with Kristen, Bryan, and our friend Glade, who is going to dental school in Vegas. This trip was seriously fantastic!! Thanks Micah, Rach, and Kaylyn!!!!