Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newport/Huntington Beaches 2012

About a month ago we went on a road trip with Micah and Rachel to Newport Beach, CA. I'm stealing this excerpt from an email Eric sent to his brother Dan who is on a mission, because I think he summed it up nicely.

"Last week they (Micah and Rachel) invited us to come on a Road trip to California. I got back from Casper Wyoming Friday afternoon and Nakita had already packed our stuff...20 minutes later we were headed down to Provo to meet up with them. Rachel had borrowed her Mom's SUV so we all packed in and headed for the coast. We arrived in Newport Beach on Saturday at around 6am. We parked on the side of the beach and watched the sun come up. Ivan and I went on a walk when it came up and I got to see a Dolphin swimming near the shore as a fisherman was meandering down the beach periodically casting out into the surf trying to catch something. It was a great switch from the frigid coldness that I had just been experiencing out in Casper! 

We stayed in Newport at a nice Hotel and boogie boarded near the pier in Huntington Beach while a surf competition was going on."

The part Eric kindly left out was the fact that he hadn't slept in over 24 hours and had been putting in long days of hard manual labor in the freezing cold for the few days prior to the trip so I was SUPER impressed that when Ivan started squealing as soon as we stopped the car for Eric to sleep a bit when we arrived in Newport Beach, he took Ivan out of the car to go on a walk, so everyone else could get some sleep. I will never forget that. What love!

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