Monday, April 27, 2009

Reese just rolled over. I just commented on a friend's blog (maybe 5 minutes ago) and said that Reese hadn't rolled over yet. HA! She did it. Stomach to back over her right side. Yeah Reese!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A long post of random thoughts - just because I feel like typing out some of the many things running through my mind

- I've become quite the creative person over these last 3 1/2 months. No, not the kind of creative that makes cool things and sells them on etsy (though I wish I were this kind of creative). I'm this kind of creative, " can I feed Reese and fry the chicken at the same time???.....Ah-hah, I'll pull the drawer under the oven out so I can put my foot on it and bend my knee to hold one half of Reese's body while I use the corresponding hand to stir the chicken. GENIUS!!"

- I went to the dentist for the first time at a Heber office, and after having missed my appointments for over a year (while being pregnant and such) thankfully have no cavities! Hallelujah! While there they went on and on about how perfect my teeth were. The dental assistant called the other assistants and hygienists in the office over to come look at "how perfect" my teeth were. HA! I'm guessing this is their way of making you feel REALLY good, so that you want to come back to their office again and again (especially because they did pretty much the same thing to Eric when he went in last week). I fell for their ploy though, because frankly, I want to go back to them next time. Thanks Heber office for boosting my confidence! Terra, thanks for watching Reese while I went!

- Today I went to Provo, my dad made me a smoothie for lunch! DELICIOUS! The smoothie was made of 100% fresh fruit, thus didn't keep me full as long as a PBJ might have. I got home around 5 tonight, starving, and while thawing chicken in the microwave ate the two remaining slices of pizza from last nights dinner. That was good. Now for something sweet...ah, a couple snicker doodles. That got me thinking. I only have 5 chocolate chip cookies and 5 snicker doodles sitting out on my counter. Why am I thinking of this, you might ask. Well, two days ago I decided I felt like doing something nice. So I made half a batch of snicker doodles and half a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I was going to give a plate of them to my neighbors and a plate to a lady in our ward who just had foot surgery. Eric came home that night and asked why I had only made half batches, I told him that I didn't want there to be many left over after I gave away the two plates, because I know we'd eat anything that was left. Well, after the cookies were baked and ready to be plated and delivered it snowed! I lost motivation. No cookies were delivered and 24 snicker doodles and 14 chocolate chip cookies have been consumed by me and Eric within the last two days. What the... Oh, and now, after stuffing myself with pizza and cookies, the honey lime chicken enchiladas baking in the oven don't sound that exciting. Guess I'll just eat one - so I won't be thinking "I still need to eat dinner" all night long, even though I'm not hungry.

- I'm excited! I checked out weather {dot} com today to check Heber's 10-day forecast. Starting tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and in the high 60's low 70's. My workout routine will resume. I LOVE working out, but don't workout when the weather is bad. I have a gym pass, but I quite dislike the gym - I hate exercising inside. Plus it is a 15 minute drive to the gym from my house. So, my gym pass is a waste, I'll probably never use it again. I LOVE walking out my back door onto my porch to jump rope and do some calisthenics. And then walk out my front door and go for a nice jog. Another thing, Reese LOVES being outside, and it is so much easier to take her out when the air isn't freezing cold! Plus she has some DANG cute summer clothes that I really want to dress her in. Lastly, I need a tan bad! Thank you good weather coming my way!

- My sister shops at Gymboree a lot and was so kind to give me some of her gym-bucks. I just got Reese $50 worth of stuff for $25. Thanks Aubrey!

- My friend Emily, from Novell, has a gift. She is ADORED by babies, including my own. Reese first met Emily maybe two months ago and loved her then. Today when I visited Novell Reese wasn't up for much, she was completely pooped, and somewhat zoned out. Then Emily came over and started talking to her. Reese miraculously pepped up and started mimicking the noises Emily was making. Emily is going to be a great mom someday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talking Princess

Reese got her beauty sleep last night. It is likely that this won't last, so I thought I ought to blog about it. I've been trying really hard to get her into a better night time schedule. Instead of feeding her when she wakes up during the night, I've been giving her her binky. Yesterday I decided I'd just go back to feeding her when she wakes up because the binky thing was making her wake up every 45 minutes or so instead of every 3 - 5 hours. I fed her at 8:30 last night in the car (because we were out buying a second guitar for guitar hero - yeah baby). She fell asleep on the car ride home; when we got home I put her into bed. She didn't wake up until 4:00 am - meaning a 7 1/2 hour stretch!! I fed her and put her back in bed. She talked to herself for about 10 minutes and then fell back to sleep without her binky! She slept in until 8:45 am. SHE ROCKS!! She allowed me to get some MUCH needed sleep. Thanks baby girl!!

Well, having a good night's rest, made Reese into one happy little girl this morning. I decided I'd take advantage of her super good mood and dressed her up to snap some pictures. She was talking a ton so I took this video of her cute voice to share with you all.

We went bowling with our friend's the Naffziggers last week. For some reason I don't have any pictures of Travis - sorry Travis - but here are some pics from our outing. Reese went through a three week stage where she drooled like CRAZY!! I was thinking she might be teething, but so far nothing, so we'll see. Maybe she just forgot to swallow for a little while?? Oh and within the last couple of weeks, Reese's eyes have gone from being a grayish blue color to actual blue. They are real pretty!

My mom bought Reese a Bumbo - best present ever! She LOVES being a big girl and sitting up, and she is awake a lot more often, so this allows me to have a little time to get things done when she is awake. She has also become a ton more coordinated lately. Her hand eye coordination is amazing - she can actually grab at toys and things we put in front of her. It is so weird to see how fast she picks things up. One week to the next she learns a TON!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!! Excuse the bragging moment: BEST husband BEST dad BEST friend! This was taken on Reese's blessing day. When we went to church it was all nice outside, just a little over an hour later, as we walked out of church, it had snowed a ton! Everyone coming up to our house in 2 wheel drive vehicles had to hop in with people that had 4wd so they could make it up to our house. What the!!
If you haven't noticed - Reese LOVES to stretch. She seems to be stretching in at least 1/2 the pictures I take of her. Eric was changing her diaper the other day and put her pants on her head, she thinks he's pretty funny :)

Reese loves Auntie Camla - if you can get Reese to sleep while holding her, you have accomplished a big task, because it is a pretty tough thing to do.

Another stretch! I love her elephant pants, they are a little big but SO comfy and warm.

This was depressing - over 2 feet of snow in two days. Where are you sun??? My skin and well-being both desparately need you.

Reese's Blessing Day

Eric gave Reese a name and a blessing on March 29. It was a VERY sweet experience. I am so grateful for a husband who honors his priesthood and can bless our family with it.

Reese was so good. I was afraid she would squak through the whole thing but my dad played binky duty and so she was content. Here are a couple pics from her big day.
This lady, my mother, is a complete angel. She made the day so wonderful and stress free. Thanks mom for EVERYTHING!!!

Our mini family! Pure BLISS!