Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!! Excuse the bragging moment: BEST husband BEST dad BEST friend! This was taken on Reese's blessing day. When we went to church it was all nice outside, just a little over an hour later, as we walked out of church, it had snowed a ton! Everyone coming up to our house in 2 wheel drive vehicles had to hop in with people that had 4wd so they could make it up to our house. What the!!
If you haven't noticed - Reese LOVES to stretch. She seems to be stretching in at least 1/2 the pictures I take of her. Eric was changing her diaper the other day and put her pants on her head, she thinks he's pretty funny :)

Reese loves Auntie Camla - if you can get Reese to sleep while holding her, you have accomplished a big task, because it is a pretty tough thing to do.

Another stretch! I love her elephant pants, they are a little big but SO comfy and warm.

This was depressing - over 2 feet of snow in two days. Where are you sun??? My skin and well-being both desparately need you.


em ♥ russ said...

holy cow, where do you live exactly?

Lindsey S. said...

That is so much snow! And she looked beautiful in her blessing dress!

Kayla R. said...

WOW...and i was mad that it just snowed and inch:) ha

The Taylors said...

I want to make another trip to the cabin soon! haha