Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We went bowling with our friend's the Naffziggers last week. For some reason I don't have any pictures of Travis - sorry Travis - but here are some pics from our outing. Reese went through a three week stage where she drooled like CRAZY!! I was thinking she might be teething, but so far nothing, so we'll see. Maybe she just forgot to swallow for a little while?? Oh and within the last couple of weeks, Reese's eyes have gone from being a grayish blue color to actual blue. They are real pretty!

My mom bought Reese a Bumbo - best present ever! She LOVES being a big girl and sitting up, and she is awake a lot more often, so this allows me to have a little time to get things done when she is awake. She has also become a ton more coordinated lately. Her hand eye coordination is amazing - she can actually grab at toys and things we put in front of her. It is so weird to see how fast she picks things up. One week to the next she learns a TON!

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