Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reese's Blessing Day

Eric gave Reese a name and a blessing on March 29. It was a VERY sweet experience. I am so grateful for a husband who honors his priesthood and can bless our family with it.

Reese was so good. I was afraid she would squak through the whole thing but my dad played binky duty and so she was content. Here are a couple pics from her big day.
This lady, my mother, is a complete angel. She made the day so wonderful and stress free. Thanks mom for EVERYTHING!!!

Our mini family! Pure BLISS!


jenna marie said...

you blessed her the same day we blessed ours! yahoo! she looks gorgeous. as do you!

Michelle said...

awweeee, you guys are such a beautiful family! Love you guys!!!

Kim Shepherd said...

the blessing day is the best. It's sounds like you had a really special day. Reese looks adorable.

Natalie said...

What a cute family. I am so happy for you. I love checking your blog and seeing all the updates on Reese. She is such a beautiful baby. :)