Thursday, February 7, 2008

I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE where we live

These are just a few reasons why our house ROCKS:

1) Right now we have a lot of snow! I like it :)

2) Sundays are fun! Even though it is quite chilly out, Eric and I try to enjoy the outdoors by doing something relaxing outside after church. Sometimes it is a walk, sometimes a drive, last Sunday consisted of snowshoeing around a lake near our house. It was gorgeous and a lot of fun just hanging out, chatting, and not worrying about anything but breaking through the ice :)

This is right after we got back from snowshoeing last Sunday

3) The animals are cool! I have to post this picture, even though it is an extremely crappy one that I took on my way to work this morning (all the dark things are Elk). Because of all the snow, the wildlife have urbanized. They are right down in Heber City. When driving to and from our house, Eric and I try to spot this herd of Elk. There are so so so many of them. And they are huge animals!! Last night on our drive home we saw a giant of an elk with a set of trophy antlers. Beautiful! Sadly, I didn't capture a snapshot of that monster.

4) People like to visit us! It is kinda a getaway of sorts :)


The Dally Llama said...

Keep your eyes peeled for elk antler sheds. They should be dropping them soon, I think. And I'd bet you could find some sweet ones up there.

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

You guys are just so much fun! That place is just perfect for you two! Fun Times

Alison said...

Wow, that's awesome. I especially would enjoy the solitary nature, and that snow has the potential to become a sweet snow fort. It's also great you guys can get out and do recreational stuff nearby. THAT doesn't happen in the suburbs.

Kari Ann said...

How fun! You two are so cute! Whitter started a blog now too so maybe we will be able to see what she is up to since she is in her own little world...but it looks like youi are too.