Monday, April 23, 2012

sometimes I just need to type...

April has gone by fast! 
- I'm reading "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson. It is a lovely book and makes me really grateful for my life, especially for Eric, our kids, and the gospel.

- Now that Eric has a job we go on one date a week. I love spending uninterrupted time with my man! ...And coming home to kids that are excited to see me!

- Eric is loving his job. He got to fly on a black-hawk helicopter the other day. Dream come true!! He is busy but enjoys the challenge and the constant list of things to get done.

- There are so many things competing for my time! Some WAY more important than others, but all interesting to me, and thus, in the competition for my attention. I'm trying to learn how to focus on my family more than anything else. I get annoyed with a cluttered house, but I've decided that each day I'll un-clutter something but not fret about everything all at once all the time. If you have kids that are at the age of (and excited about) dressing themselves, climbing on cupboards to get food, getting art supplies out, and capable of finding buckets of toys and dumping them out you know houses don't stay organized for very long. My goal is to spend my time on/with the most important things in life. I want to feel confident that I'm doing my best as a mother. Who knows, maybe in the long run, my house will be better off since I can spend a small amount of time really focusing on one area and get it thoroughly organized before moving onto the next task.

- I'm excited for the May Ensign to come out with all the conference talks in it! I love reviewing them and having them in a 'take with you - readable' format so I can really ponder things as I go through.

- Eric's birthday is this weekend!

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