Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was a lot of fun this year! Reese watched the movie "Hop" 6 times in the 3 days leading up to Easter so she was super in to the idea of the Easter bunny coming to her house to leave treats. She even asked on multiple occasions if the Easter bunny was going to poop jelly beans on her car. Sure enough, he did!

We watched Mormom messages about Christ's resurrection and had an FHE on the Monday before Easter to talk about his resurrection and what it means for us. I love watching as Reese grasps these incredible truths! So, on Sunday, although we did do Easter baskets in the morning, we then went to church and continued to focus on the true meaning of Easter as well.

That evening we went to Lindsay's house for an Easter dinner/ Easter egg dying & hunting/ Birthday for Linds! I'm so glad all of our kids get a long so well. I swear Reese LOVES Oliver! They played together the most that night!
 The dads all got really involved in the egg dying! Eric even searched the web for a while on Easter morning to see what we could bring to make it more fun. He came up with: rubber bands, white/clear crayons, paint, and stickers.
Ivan is OBSESSED with keys. He has a MAJOR breakdown if he finds keys somewhere and I take them from him. It is serious! The plastic keys are fun for a while, but real keys keep him entertained - well - probably all day if I were to allow him to have my keys for that long.

All these ladies are extremely amazing people. I enjoy being around them and learn so much from each of them. It is always a great time when we all get together.
And the kids....they all play really well together, and are each so stinkin' cute!

We all adore Lindsay! I'm sure anyone that knows Lindsay adores her. She is such a genuine friend! Happy Birthday Linds! Thanks for sharing your birthday with the Easter party, and always welcoming us into your home!

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