Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aerials World Cup

Last weekend Eric took me up to Deer Valley to see the Aerials finals. It was so cool. I have no clue how the skiiers can remember where they are in the air and actually land after doing so many flips and twists. SO sweet! Number 1 in the world for both men and women were at the competition and we got to watch them perform. Luckily we got their early so we were at the very front of the crowd. Eric got to slap hands with the #1 women, who is from China, when she passed by us. We were video recorded multiple times so hopefully we can figure out when it airs on the TV and watch for ourselves :)

Reese was a good sport even though it was FREEZING and her boots and gloves kept falling off!! She kept giving high fives to the drunk man behind us. HAHAHA! Eric's bro David and his girlfriend Nicole came with us, as well as my sis Camla. My parents and her were staying up in Park City for my mom's work so we picked up Camla and then afterward went to the hotel and ate LOTS of cheese (thanks mom), crackers, and cookies, hot tubbed and played a LOT of games of Marco Polo in the pool.
The girl skiiers are tiny! Little gymnists on skis.

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