Monday, December 27, 2010


Dan got his call! Dan always planned on hiking up Mt. Tzouhalem to open his call, but since he isn't living on the island right now, Eric took us all to Ensign peak. We got up to the top as the sun was starting to set and it was beautiful. I am purely out of shape so it took us longer to get up to the top but I think it increased Dan's excitement having to wait for my slow butt;)

Dan was super giddy. I don't blame him one bit, we were all pretty dang giddy.

He slowly opened it. He showed us that he could see the "you are hereby called..." part of the letter.

Barcelona Spain, reporting to the MTC April 27th, and SO excited!

Reese and Daddy celebrating!

And Dan calling all the anxious family members and friends.

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Karenin Jaar Robison said...

that is so exciting! my little brother just opened his mission calling to las vegas, nevada.