Monday, August 25, 2008

"The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination."

A close up of the dirty workers :)

Eric was very determined to make us a log entry way. I really wanted a log entry way, but had no idea how it would ever happen. Eric worked many long hours cutting down the logs, de-barking them, and getting the holes dug for the logs. This weekend he got the logs stood up in the holes, filled the holes with cement, and did all the hard work of getting the top log on top of the vertical logs. Thanks brother Dan and cousin Ben for all your help, because of them I was able to waterproof my decks and not be part of the scary and HARD process of the log project. That job took a TON of time and muscles. Let me tell you , Eric is a GENIUS, thinking up how he could make what seemed impossible to me, possible. Thanks Eric!!

Getting the second log into place (notice the cool support system Eric thought up on the log that is already standing - long boards nailed into the log post and then secured to the ground with rebar.)

The almost final product
(all we need to do is seal them and add the metal work)

I should have taken pics of the process of lifting the log onto the top. Eric and Dan lifted the log up as they climbed ladders and Ben held onto a chain and tow rope connected to the log to hold the log in place when Eric and Dan would need to climb up higher on the ladders to start lifting again. I was tired just watching them!!!

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