Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, it is about time that I blog about our amazing trip to Havasupai. We went July 24-28. The crew consisted of: Me, Eric, My dad, brother Don, practically brother Will, sister Camla, Eric's Dad, Eric's sis Amber, Eric's bros Daniel & Jared, our nephew Chase, cousin Cami, and Ambers two friends. VERY fun group!!

In case you aren't aware with the Havasupai experience, here is a small overview. It is a back packing trip on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. You typically start hiking around 3 or 4 in the morning so that you don't have to hike in the sun. You hike 2 miles down switch backs and then 6 miles through the canyon to the little Indian reservation "Supai" where you check in and pay for your stay. Then you hike 2 more miles, this time through sand (BLAH), to the campground. The whole time you are down there you hike a TON to different water falls, caves, and such, and just play a ton. It really is a tiring but totally worth it trip! When you hike out, you leave in the evening when the sun in close to setting. The first 8 miles aren't horrible, but are still totally tiring and totally wear you out for the 2 miles of switchbacks, this time UP hill, at the end of the hike. When you finally finish the hike, you wonder why you do it time and again, and then a couple months later you realize why...because it is AMAZING and no other experience is quite like it.

Here are some pics.

Eric and I on the hike down - let me tell you, the waist strap is not so comfy on a prego belly

Camla - a total trooper, she rocked it out!!

Will, Don, Cami, and Dan

Our campsite - me napping

Amber's friend, Amber, and Dad

Will, Don, and Cami

Hiking to Beaver Falls

The helicopters flying the porta-potties out for cleaning

The WAY cool hike down to Mooney falls

Eric at Mooney

Don & Will

Pretty River


Eric and Jared being completely crazy - they hooked ropes to this old medal ladder that goes up to a mine and then climbed to the top. Each of the rungs were like 5 feet apart. Thankfully, there were no accidents or slips!!

Another perspective

Cam, Me, and Don


Megan Griffin said...

You guys are always going fun places!

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

What a fun trip. It really is beautiful there. You are such a trooper for doing that trip while pregnant. It would have wiped me out. Your awesome!

Lindsay said...

You are sweet! I can't wait to actually hold my baby. Time is flying for you too!!! I heard whit is prego. I am excited for her. all of our kids will be friends. love ya

The Dally Llama said...

Looks like you timed your trip there just right. A few weeks later, and you would have been flooded out. -I'm assuming you saw the news about them having to evacuate Supai, right?

And seriously, you have to be the toughest person I know. The hike and the heat were almost the death of me, and I wasn't pregnant at the time. Tough as nails, Dmitri. I'm impressed.

Alison said...

Man, I am really jealous you got to go. I'm impressed you went while pregnant, when I was that far along I needed about 12 hours of sleep each day. And I agree with the dally llama, you are lucky to have seen the place before all the flooding.

Kari Ann said...

How fun! I love that place!! I am jealous. I want to go back soon, but two kids puts a little bit of a damper on these kinds of trips. Live it up while you can.