Monday, August 25, 2008

I Heart Novell

My team at Novell did really good this last quarter, so as our celebration activity, they put us and our spouses up in the Mountainside Marriot Hotel in Park City.
They took us out to dinner at The Mustang, and it was DE-Licious. After dinner, Eric and I enjoyed playing pass with a volleyball in the many hot tubs the Mountainside has.

My team at Novell is AWESOME!! I definitely couldn't work with better people. They are all fabulous and we get along SO well. Megan isn't on my actual team that is in charge of audits, so sadly she wasn't at the activity, but I must still give a shout out to her. We work together on the same accounts, I handle the audits and she brings in the renewals. I LOVE Megan, and am so glad we are paired together on accounts, because working with her is actually FUN! If she ever gets taken away from me, my productivity will go down the drain ;)

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Megan Griffin said...

Oh Nakita you are too freaking sweet! I love working with you too. I'm glad you guys had fun in Park City!