Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Chelsea :)

Our cute niece Chelsea had her 3rd birthday yesterday. It was a princess party, because she is definitely a princess and LOVES the Disney princesses. Eric and I gave her a box of chalk, and it was a HIT. When I bought it I'd know she'd like it once she knew how to use it, but I didn't realize that she'd know how to use it as soon as she got it. Right after she opened it, she didn't want to open any more presents, but just wanted to go outside and play with her chalk. It's nice to give a gift that is really liked :)
We love Chelsea! I always get SO EXCITED to see her! She has the FUNNIEST personality ever! She is very much her own little person!

I told Chelsea I wanted to take a picture of her and her princesses. She sat down, closed her eyes and said, "cheeseburger" HA HA HA

Little Eli enjoying the party

The favorite aunt - my beautiful sister Camla

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The Taylors said...

Eli's dimples are so cute! oh my! and Camla is so big! That's a funny story about Chelsea! Congrats on the baby GIRL! I swear I haven't seen your blog for so long. We stay in that marriot resort hotel every year...It's nice...that is a nice work hook up. And your bump is so very cute! nice that you're only gaining weight there...you look so hot prego! When are you guys going to think of a name?