Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So...I sent Eric the following email. (I realize such a jogging stroller doesn't exist, but I would like one that meets the maximum amount of these qualities as possible. My good friend Kristie pointed out that she was the same way when she was pregnant, and then I realized, I'm being totally crazy, wanting all of these things and even caring at all on certain qualities.)

My email to Eric:


In case you decide to look for jogging strollers, these are things I really want:

20+” Wheels – best for high speeds, rugged terrain, etc (can go down to 16”)

Alloy hubs – don't rust and are stronger

Fixed + swivel front wheel

five point harness for the baby


Padded Seat that lays down – baby can sleep

Shocks (if not increasing price a TON)

Arm Leash/Wrist teather

Easy fold up

One that fits in the Subaru trunk

Welded Aluminum Frame – lighter and more durable

Handle Bar should be at the height that when you hold the bar with elbows bent, your forearms are parallel to the floor.

Check weight limit – you want it to be able to hold the child, plus their diaper bag, water, etc...

Infant Car seat adapter

Anyway, I LOVE you!!


Eric's reply to me:

Nakita my love,

I also want 20" wheels on my car if the baby gets them, I mean come on, I wouldn’t mind them for all the same reasons…high speeds, rugged terrain etc....let's be fair.

Yesterday you said you only needed a 3-point harness, now you want 5…You’re making me sweat this purchase, if I don’t get it today I may be forced to get a 10-point harness!

I totally understand the arm leash, I’ve seen you do dishes and other such tasks…I want the baby to live a long and prosperous life J

With all these features and structural requirements, I may need to go to Alfred Beagle (Batman’s Butler) to ever hope to fit it into the trunk of the Subaru.

What if I get one that fits the handle bar arm-wrist-elbow-parallel requirements and we use a baby sitter, or heaven forbid; I choose to push the baby…what kind of medical catastrophe might I or the babysitter encounter?

Lastly, you’ll need to be more specific on the weight stipulations, like how many milliliters of water will you be carrying, and could you please give a close estimate on how many wet wipes will be in the diaper bag; I know you won’t Only be carrying diapers. And also, what if we have a second child that weighs slightly more than our first…will we have to start back at the Super-Stroller drawing board again?

Just needed a little clarification ;)

Love Eric

I am CRYING right now from LAUGHING so hard! Oh I love Eric's hilarity!!... And my insanity!!


Megan Griffin said...

LOL, you freaking crack me up! It looks like you found a man that can fire it right back at you. I like it!

Terra said...

Why can't you get what you want??! You have understandable requirements :) J/k - I hope Eric does good at picking the best jogger out there. You will have to let us know which one you end up getting!

Lindsay said...

You requirements will have been met with the "bob" ha ha ha. That email was hilarious!!!!!!!!! you are funny nakeets

Tab & Nate said...

You guys are great! I didn't know that I stroller came with so many options. I should start reading up on them now if I am ever going to be prepared for when I want one!!

Lindsey S. said...

That just made my night!

Stephanie S said...

HAHAHA. Nakeets! I love you! That's hilarious. I haven't ever REALLY met Eric, other than at your reception, he sounds hilarious. We really need to double! Rob and I are coming back in the fall! We're actually coming back at the end of this month! (Yay!) I saw you and Kate talking of wanting to go hiking and I just wanted to say I SO want in. I've had such a hankering to go lately! Besides, I want to play with you my good buddy.

Alison said...

hilarious. you capture "pregnant lady" so well, and he has the perfect reaction to it.