Friday, August 6, 2010

Antelope Island 2010

Last weekend we went to Antelope Island to camp. We had fun there the last time we went (and I was pregnant with Reese) so we decided it'd be a fun place to go again (this time pregnant with baby boy) - maybe we'll make a tradition of it :)

First off we drove to see all the buffalo. They were really close to the road and there were TONS of them. They were cool to watch, I can't believe how HUGE some of them are.

We then drove to our camping spot and found that it was occupied by an older couple sipping wine watching the sunset. We visited with them for a few minutes and then enjoyed the sunset ourselves - minus the wine.

One thing I had forgotten about Antelope Island is its immense population of spiders. They are HUGE spiders and come in every shape and color. We read the sign about them - they are orb spiders (meaning they spin spiral webs)but aren't poisonous and won't bite...unless provoked. I HATE spiders, but luckily these ones leave you alone, you just have to watch your every move so you don't run into one of their massive webs (which are pretty much everywhere).

Look at all those spiders hanging from the gazebo. There are signs saying to stay on the road/trails. They don't even need those signs, the spiders do the job of keeping you from wanting to wander anywhere but open spaces where they haven't spun webs.

After a restful night of sleep we had some granola bars and capri suns and then headed down to the beach. Reese loved playing in the sand but wasn't too fond of the water except when we were holding her. I guess having sand between your toes while walking unsteadily and being swarmed by brine shrimp isn't Reese's idea of enjoyable time in the water?

Reese is a dirt/sand/rock LOVER. She'd play with these elements all day long if allowed. On our way back she licked her hands and started giggling/smiling and then repeatedly licked them. I licked mine to see what was so exciting and found that it was the saltiness she was enjoying so much.

My hunk of a husband carried Reese on the way back from the beach. I was ever so grateful for him and his muscles because I was sweating like a pig trying to make it back through the sand in the sun. If I were alone we would've taken 15 minute breaks every 2 minutes - because although that girl is little, I'm already overloaded with weight I'm not used to and she just adds an extra 20:)

We played following the leader and sang the "We're following the leader, the leader, the leader..." song from Peter Pan. Reese thought it was fun for a couple of minutes....

But then those little legs just gave out! It's just so hard having short legs :)

Here is a picture of our campspot, for memory's sake. I always love camping with my little crew. This weekend - Bearlake, posts to come...


Alison said...

That looks like loads of fun! And for the record, you are looking great these days. Reese is growing up!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

those spiders are scary.
YOu look so good pregnant... like it's all in your belly, and even your belly isn't big.
love Eric farmer's tan.
and I love the pic of REese crying in the field. haha so cute!
Miss you.

Jelissa said...

I haven't looked at blogs in a long time. Every time I see yours I love how cute all your pictures are! You are the cutest family. How's life these days?