Friday, August 20, 2010


I love taking Reese to the Gateway to play in the fountains. Eric and I took her a week or two ago and enjoyed the time cooling off and watching Reese enjoy herself so much. There are so many fun things to do in Salt Lake. Afterward we went to Liberty Park and walked over to a big crowd of people. It ended up being a "hippie" gathering with people playing drums, dancing like lamanites (or at least me and Eric picture them that way), and smoking who knows what. We stayed in the "family friendly" zone and Reese ate cheetos with and played on bikes of this cute little hispanic family sitting in front of us. They saw her struggling out of our arms trying to make her way over to their toys so they invited her over and were so friendly to her!

Reese is little miss independent so she kept running to the farside away from us to play. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this because pretty sure it won't be so easy chasing her down with a baby in tow. Lately I've been "allowing" her to run from me and then just watching her to see what she does. For the most part she eventually makes her way back to me, but sometimes she just keeps on going and I know she'd get lost if I hadn't been watching her. It scares me having her be so independent. I'm uber paranoid about someone kidnapping her or her making her way out the doors of a store or something. WORST NIGHTMARES!!

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Rachel and Todd said...

What a fun get away.

I'm pretty paranoid, too! Henry is very much independent now and insists, "by myself!". I'm always going back and forth knowing when to help and when not to. He cries for help and as soon as I offer a hand he's screaming, "no by myself!" Oh the mind of a 2 year old.