Thursday, August 19, 2010


I don't quite know what Reese thinks of the whole "baby in my belly" thing. When I ask her where her baby brother is she points to my belly. She'll also give my belly kisses when I tell her to give the baby a kiss. However, despite all my efforts I think she is going to be quite surprised when we bring home a baby in November.

I have such mixed feelings about having a second child. Part of me is sad because I of the unknown of splitting my time between two kids but then another part of me of course is excited and happy to have another sweet little angel. I get nervous thinking of my inadequacies. Can I really be a good mom with 2 kids? But when I remember my savior then I know I can do it if I trust him. He will make up for my inabilities and help me have the strength, energy, and love for any kids he trusts me with. He'll show me and Eric how to raise them.

Lately, whenever I see a newborn I get more and more excited to have such a precious baby again. Newborns are just so precious! My sister's friend gave me a garbage bag full of baby boy clothes, my goal this evening is to go through them and then write out of list of things I still need to get. It is kind of hard though because what sizes do I get? I have no idea how big or small he is going to be. Maybe I'll just make the list, get the basics, and save the rest of the shopping for after he is born (when it will be that much harder to go shopping :)).


Lindsey S. said...

I totally feel the same way!

I can't believe how much stuff we've still had to buy. I thought once we had a kid we would be set but we have found ourselves doing almost just as much. Since Bailey won't even be 2 I am not going to force her into a big kid bed yet. I was reading a book about not doing it until they ask you too. Normally around 3. So I bought another crib off KSL and now need another mattress, bedding, we got another set a monitors, and we still need a double stroller (which I will wait on until he is born since we won't go anywhere for the first month anyway then I can still return it if I end up hating it.) Anyway, my point is I thought we would be set and we still aren't. And boy clothes?! We've started to stock up but I wonder about size too. So complicated! haha

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

nikita, you will be a great mommy!
two is an adjustment for the first couple of months but then it feels like just one again.
my two kids are exactly 2 years apart, and now they are best buddies.

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

things you must get for two are:
double stroller and a baby sling.

Prina Family said...

I think everyone feels the same way when they are having their 2nd child. I still miss the time Kyler and I spent together when it was just us (not that I dont love Ellie just as much as I love Kyler)
The amazing thing is, having 2 kids just makes your heart bigger. You dont have to share the love you already feel for Reese:) You will do great with 2 kids especially with your attitude of trusting the Savior.
I love that picture you have on your header!