Friday, August 20, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

Ever since my dad was young, his family has had a tradition of going to Bear Lake in the Summer. The group that attends varies slightly but mainly consists of my Grandpa, 4 or 5 of his best friends, and all of their posterity/inlaws/etc. It ends up being a really big and fun group.

This year I was sad we were only going to be able to stay Friday - Sunday. I should've been happy with that because our trip was shortened by my getting sick. I'm prone to bladder infections and sadly got one on Saturday. If you've ever had one you know there is no relief and they get worse and more painful by the minute. I intended to take my camera down to the beach our second day but we had to get home so I could get my antibiotic, so I stole some pictures from friends' blogs/facebooks.

All the little kids adore Eric. He has that personality that just draws people to him, and these little sweet Moffatt girls got him to build sandcastles, paddle boat, and take them on rides on the wave runner.

Reese was in heaven all day! She didn't have a nap but just played and played and played in the water and sand.

I'm sad that Bear Lake was so short but we did have a lot of fun. I'm glad I went home (not like staying was an option) because the infection traveled into my right kidney and I began having crazy braxton hicks/borderline contractions and I thought I was going to die Saturday night. I was so scared because infections that travel to your kidneys can cause premature labor - NOT what I want. Thanks to a husband who is a worthy priesthood holder, and a loving Heavenly Father who allows worthy priesthood holders to pronounce his blessings, we were able to have a neat experience and I was finally able to find relief and get some sleep.

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Andrea said...

I was bummed I did not get to see you at Bear Lake! Sorry to hear about your kidney infection. NO FUN! I got that when I was prego with Brynnly and I thought I was going to die! Worst pain ever! I am glad you were able to feel better! You are such a cute mom and having a baby boy will be so much fun! Reese will be a great big sister!