Thursday, September 17, 2009

September so far...

The mountainside out my window is covered with red and yellow leaved trees, I'm in school, it's BYU football season, it cools down REALLY nice at night, there really is a lot to love about this time of the year. I'm loving the weather, but am getting nervous for Winter, I don't think I'm ready (or will be ready when it rolls around). Here are some updates on what we've been up to in September so far.
Our grass is looking good eh? By the end of next year it should be perfect :)
Reese is finally teething. I was wondering if it would ever happen. Both of her bottom teeth are visible through her gums, but one (the bottom right) has almost cut through. She has been good, just more sensitive than normal, and has had a runny nose.
FYI: this is a long story, but I want to remember it so that's why I'm writing it all down. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Reese's fingernail on her middle finger of her right hand had a line down it. I noticed it during church and wondered if she had stuck her finger in one of the vents on the wall and bent her fingernail. For two weeks I watched it, the line got darker and the base of her nail turned dark. On Tuesday, after I fed her dinner, I was wiping her hands and she started screaming. I looked at her nail and the base had turned white and her finger was all red and swollen. Eric and I were going to the temple that night so I decided to make an appointment for her with the pediatrician group, she went to in Provo before I found a Dr. in Heber, because they always have a Dr working until 10pm, and all other Dr's were closed for the night.
Reese's appointment was at 9:30 and it was already close to 2 hours past her normal bedtime, so needless to say she was overly sensitive. She finally got into the examination room around 10:00, where we had to try to entertain her with the plastic animals in the room, and waited for another 1/2 hour for the Doc. By this time, Reese had had enough! The Dr. told me to hold Reese and Eric to hold her hand so that she couldn't move while the Dr. drilled a hole in the base of her fingernail. Before the doctor even touched her Reese tensed up and looked like she was crying but made no noise. She WOULDN'T breathe. The Dr asked if Reese has ever held her breath til she passed out. I told her she hadn't, first of all Reese barely EVER cries hard. Reese turned blue but finally breathed. SCARE me to death. So then we get her situated again and she does way good while the doc drills the hole and squeezes puss out to collect so she can culture it. The doc says she needs to drill the hole a little bigger so the puss can continue to escape, but while so doing hits Reese's nail bed and it starts bleeding and Reese starts screaming again.
After all this the Dr grabs some tweezers and starts digging under Reese's nail to see if she can get anything (like a sliver or something that may have been under there). Reese was screaming and wretching her body trying to get her hand away from the Dr. It was SO sad to have to just hold her there at the cause of pain. I was crying too, luckily I have a silent cry! The Dr. got a little something out and said maybe that was the cause of the infection, but for now we give her antibiotics and soak her hand a few times a day in warm soapy water and hopefully it will just heal up. Otherwise we'll have to find the root of the cause, by having her nail dug into to see if they can find a sliver or anything else. I was just thinking the other day how blessed we were to have never had to put Reese on antibiotics because she has been SO healthy. Well, here we are, using antibiotics on her for the first time, but at least she isn't sick :)

Over Labor Day weekend, my parents and Camla came up and stayed in their camp trailer on our lot. It was fun to spend so much time with them!! I must say that my parents are the ideal grandparents and show SO much interest in and love for all their grandchildren. Reese is one lucky little gal to have them in her life.

Last but not least, Eric got a new calling. I don't know if I can disclose it yet, since our ward doesn't know yet, but I'm grateful for him and grateful he is such a good guy. I love my life with him!


Michelle said...

It is my favorite time of year. Not looking forward to the snow either, but it's inevitable, so let it come! :( So glad Reese has stayed healthy thus far. Sucks about her finger though, poor thing. I can't even count how many times P has been on antibiotics, not to mention the PICC line for 6 weeks with injections of the stuff every 7 hours. Consider yourselves very blessed you've dodged the bullet til now! :) HOpe she gets to feeling better..little luv!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

I love that first picture of Reese. She is so freaking cute. I'm loving her wild chick hair.
That story is so sad. I would've cried too. I always almost cry when Tula gets shots. It's so so sad. I can't imagine that whole ordeal.
I'm excited to see what calling Eric got.
We need to hook up. I only have class 3-6 on mon/wed, and 8-11/4-8 on tues, and no class on fridays.
text me when you can get together.

Lindsay Jane said...

That fingernail story still kills me - so sad. And just for the record, I hope that Eric is in the bishopric. He's perfectly cut out for such a thing.

Brandon and Katie said...

I just have to say that I think you have the cutest little family!! I love that you are still so adventurous and still have lives even though you're new parents :) so cute!! You make me excited to have a baby :). Little Reese is so adorable