Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm excited for Halloween

- Because I'll have a reason to take some pictures
- Because I'm going to dress my bug up as a lady
- Because who can resist multiple Reese's peanut butter cups [and you thought I named my daughter after something or someone other than food ;)] and all the other deliciousness that makes me salivate while I am now thinking of it.
- Because I can't wait to see all the other kiddos dressed up in their costumes

Holidays are a LOT more fun once you have a kid. Now if it would just warm up 30 degrees for tomorrow night!!

1 comment:

Terra said...

I am so excited for tomorrow! I love Halloween for all the same reasons - plus it kick starts the holiday season and I just love that. I'm so excited to see you guys tomorrow!! Are you dressing up?