Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reese's 1st Halloween

After eating my toast all by myself, mom gave me a bath. Then, since it was warmer today, she let me play around the house with nothing but my diaper on while she cleaned the house! I was in heaven! After I played for a while, mom got me dressed up in my ladybug costume. We went over to our neighbors and delivered Halloween treats. Bruce and Debbie sure thought I looked cute.
Mom bought me my very own trick-or-treating bag and a glow wand so that I'd enjoy trick-or-treating even if I got tired.
Daddy had to work during the ward trick-or-treat, so mommy and I went trick-or treating with the Naffzigers and their families. Terra was afraid that her costume would scare me, but I was brave, it didn't scare me one bit. It did scare daddy though :)
Mommy and Terra wanted us kids to get a picture together. Aubree was so cute, but so sad. She told me she didn't like wearing her lamb hat because it made her forehead look big.
Trynitee misunderstood Aubree and thought she was crying because MY hat was making my forehead look big. So T tried to take off my hat to make Aubree stop crying.
Well, I didn't want my hat off, my hair was messy. So when T took it off I had to join Aubree in the crying chorus!
I calmed down once my hat was back on and had a grand old time. I ate some candy, got toted around on Travis' shoulders all night (I LIKED that!!! He even let me use his ears as hand grips).Then daddy met up with us and we all stopped at a Haunted House. I wasn't scared, in fact, I wanted to touch all the "scary" creatures. After that we went to Royce and Fran's for a spooky Halloween dinner (ghostly pie, squashy slime, finger sticks, Orange jello, and caramel apples.) I liked my 1st Halloween. Can't wait until next year!!


jenna said...

hahah what a sweet post!! she looks amazing! isn't this age the best?!

Tabby said...

I love the pictures of the crying baby and then Reece starts to cry. That is great! Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween. Reece will have high expectation for next years Halloween!!

Nicki said...

Nakita! I believe how big little Reese is! What an adorable little bug! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!

Kayla R. said...

ADORABLE!!! i am surprise she didnt freak out from that TALL freaky guy!

Lindsay Ross said...

she is so beautiful!!! she looks like she is so much fun, and into EVERYTHING like Ollie is