Monday, April 14, 2008

Date Night :)

First of all, the weather over the weekend was just what I needed! I LOVE the SUN!! After spending all of the day Saturday getting sunburned (yahoo - a little color - the red will fade) while installing a trailer hitch, trimming scrub oak shoots from our driveway, and hauling bags of wood pellets, Eric & I treated ourselves to a fun date night. First we met up with Whitney & Chris Taylor and Whit's friend Stephanie at Gloria's Little Italy - good food, awesome waitress with a 1/2 Spanish Fork and 1/2 Italian accent, HA, what more could you ask for?? It was fun to catch up with Whitney & Chris, and talk them into coming to Capitol Reef with us this next weekend. Didn't take much ;) We're SOOOOO excited for them to join us on the trip!!!!
After enjoying some good eats, we headed up South Fork to a big bon fire. It was sweet, there were tons of funny people to watch. I'm very much a people watcher, so this was extremely enjoyable for me. Our other pals, Micah, Rachel, and Jeremiah met up with us as well. We always enjoy their company!

Thank you for the pics Whit!!


Alison said...

sounds like a fun date! I miss bonfires!

Kari Ann said...

HOw fun! What cute couples!

Megano said...

Oh how I love bonfires! I love whit! Looks like you guys had fun!

The Taylors said...

hey I have those same pics...and I was at that same bonfire! was so fun to people watch, and that waitress sucked at faking a not so realistic Italian accent...haha. I'm sorry we can't make it to capitol reef...we are so flaky....and borring. But hey thanks for the Sunday guys are fun...and we love the little company we never get. Hey It's our time to pay your little cabin a visit! can we cut firewood? and lay in the prarie?